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Zero in on your target audience with our user persona template

From user persona cards with demographic details and personality traits, to customer journey and empathy maps, FigJam templates help you better understand who you’re speaking—and selling—to.

frame with a generic person insideframe with a generic person inside

User persona template

Introduce your entire team to your target users with this interactive, collaborative template.

user persona template exampleuser persona template example

Don’t shout into the void—find your audience

Align your messaging, product improvements, and growth strategies with multi-dimensional profiles of your intended audience.

Speak your audience’s language: Understand your target customer’s interests and motivation, so your messaging can match.

Find new connection points: Identify the needs of your users so you can improve your product or service accordingly.

Host a meet & greet: Invite your whole team to mix and mingle with John Smith and Jane Doe using this shared template.

various tools in a user persona diagramvarious tools in a user persona diagram
collaboration tools in FigJamcollaboration tools in FigJam

Get your whole team involved

Create a comprehensive customer persona template and bring your entire team to the drawing board. Sketch on shared whiteboards, play around with prompts and polls, and invite feedback from everyone in your org through comments, cursor chats, stamps, and emotes. Don’t settle for skeletal personas—seamlessly incorporate data and designs in FigJam.

Every pathway starts with a primary persona

Put yourself in your user’s shoes, starting with their interests, influences, and goals. And with more templates from our Community, it’s easy to map your next steps.


A user persona is a marketing strategy that creates a character based on your ideal user. As archetypal figures, user personas embody the needs of your target audience and potential customer. Personas might be (semi)fictional, but they speak to real pain points, real demographics, and real goals of the customer experience.

While not all user personas are created equal, persona templates tend to contain images, quotes, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. A detailed, well-researched, and well-designed user persona template carries a ton of value across any org—impacting everything from UX design decisions to social media marketing campaigns. To learn more about how to create user personas, click here.

Bringing your target audience into the high definition is simple with FigJam. Just download our free user persona template to get started. Say goodbye to blank canvases and build better persona profiles with the help of community-built plugins, widgets, and user persona examples.

Because more voices bring more value, create and collaborate with designers, product managers, developers, and marketers on our open platform to create a persona that would help your business create a better user experience. Sketch, connect, react, and dive deeper. With FigJam’s user persona templates, you can keep your messaging on point—and your coworkers up to speed.

Simply put, a user persona is a character that’s been created to represent your target audience. Although semi-fictional, user personas have real-life influence—standing in for actual users and their specific sets of needs, and tweaking product development, messaging, and more. By creating fully fleshed-out persona profiles, you can make empathetic decisions that connect with your customer base’s motivations and improve their experience of your service or product.

Ready to get personal? Developing strong user persona templates is easy with FigJam’s community widgets, sample user persona templates, and user persona generators. And, with collaboration at the core of our open platform, you can invite your entire team to take part in the persona development play.

Best practices for creating effective user personas include:

  • Using accurate, real time data to describe customer personas, goals, and pain points.
  • Developing a narrative for each persona, including details on their age, occupation, location, personality, and more.
  • Adding visuals to bring personas to life and make them easier to remember.
  • Testing and refining your personas to accurately represent your current and ideal customer.

User personas can provide valuable insight for a variety of teams:

  • Design teams can prioritize user-focused features that accurately reflect the needs and goals of their target audience.
  • Product teams can address pain points throughout the customer journey to create better products and services.
  • Marketing teams can utilize user persona research to inform messaging, ad copy, and campaign strategy.
  • Customer service teams can better anticipate issues and address them proactively.

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