Jumpstart your research with this Likert scale template

Build Likert scales and questionnaires to use in research sessions with your team—for free in FigJam.

Measure sentiment, design solutions

Likert scales are great for understanding your user’s response to specific parts of the customer journey. With FigJam, your team can come together to conduct research, design, and build together, from end-to-end.

Research, but make it fun

Research software doesn’t have to be boring. FigJam mixes work and play so that jamming with your team is easy and fun for everyone.

Express yourself: With animated emojis, teammates can react to ideas in the moment.

Annotate ideas: Communicate more ideas with sticky notes. Dot vote, stamp, emote, draw, or chat to react with soul.

No Zoom needed: Hop in an audio call and have a quick chat with teammates or research participants, without leaving the online whiteboard.

What is a Likert scale?

Likert scale’s are one of the most reliable ways to measure a users opinions and capture the range of those opinions. Likert scales are a popular alternative to binary surveys because they cover a wider spectrum of outcomes.

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