Design a smooth ride with our website flowchart example

Whether it’s an eCommerce hub, freelance portfolio, or company site, FigJam templates create a website experience that flows from developer to user, page to page.

simple one-row flowchartsimple one-row flowchart

Website flowchart template

Steer your website in a user-friendly direction with our collaborative website flowchart template.

Bring your users onboard

Build a captivating (and easily searchable) website with your team for smooth sailing and sustainable scaling.

Chart the course: Sketch out your website design and track the project to ensure it aligns with the blueprints.

Stow the data: Store information and assets including web pages, videos, and files for easy access.

Get in the same boat: Invite everyone from UX designers to marketing wizards to the page for critical creative collaboration.

section of a flowchart with yes and no option branchessection of a flowchart with yes and no option branches
flowchart example on a yellow backgroundflowchart example on a yellow background

All hands on deck

With FigJam templates, you can run a tight ship and encourage creative thinking. Share ideas in our open workspaces, design website sections with our Entity Modeler, and guide your team with our Navigate feature. Keep the group on track and full of inspiration when you set sail.


A well-organized flowchart for website design shows how one page leads to another—informing important and complex process design and development decisions and ultimately providing the framework for a website that’s easily navigable for users and discoverable on search engines.

With its ability to simply outline complex builds, the website flowchart is a favorite among web designers, developers, UX/UI experts, and anyone who’s crafting an online experience.

To make a flowchart for a website, start with our free editable website flowchart. Using shapes and arrows, sketch out the flow of your web pages. Connect the pages in your website flowchart designtemplate with arrows to convey how a user progresses through the experience.

Ready to begin? Start with our simple website flowchart diagram and put your unique stamp on our search engine-friendly design.

If you’re wondering how to read a website flowchart, the first step is to get a sense of the various flowchart symbols and arrows. Look for ovals, rectangles, and diamonds labeled with various website pages including the home page, service pages, and lead-generation pages. Then, follow the arrows to familiarize yourself with the different user pathways through the website. Based on the relative ease or complexity of these paths, you’ll be able to evaluate if your website is user-friendly and easily searchable.

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