Stay in one tool for your design, prototyping and communication.
Easily move between design and prototyping without syncing or exporting
Simply send a link to share and quickly get feedback on prototypes
Keep all feedback, changes and updates constantly in sync
Powerful editing tools
Powerful editing tools
Fast and powerful, Figma has the tools you need to get your work done.
Vector networks that reimagined how the pen tool should work
Precise, easy to use boolean operations, gradients and fills
60fps interactive editing with crisp, pixel-perfect previews and exports
Built for UI
Built for UI
A better way to create digital products.
With constraints, designs adapt when the screen size changes
Layout grids give you more granular control over constraints
Components allow you to reuse elements across your designs
Team libraries
Team libraries
Create design systems with linked UI components the whole team can use.
Publish components to the team library for others to use
Anyone can insert shared components into team design files
Get updates when changes are made to shared components
Feature by feature
Crop, Fit, and Fill ModesCrop, Fit, and Fill Modes
Non-destructive Boolean OperationsNon-destructive Boolean Operations
Optimized PerformanceOptimized Performance
Comprehensive ExportComprehensive Export
Sketch ImportSketch Import
Pixel PreviewPixel Preview
Smart GuidesSmart Guides
Vector NetworksVector Networks
Layout GridsLayout Grids
Live Device PreviewLive Device Preview
Advanced Text OptionsAdvanced Text Options
Getting work into production
Getting work into production
Reduce the friction of turning visual concepts into code.
With live device preview mirror designs to mobile in real time
Give developers the ability to inspect, copy, and export
Copy CSS directly from the design file
Built for teams
Built for teams
The flexibility and controls you need to scale Figma for your team.
Available on Windows, Mac or Linux - in the browser or on desktop
Granular permissions let you share what you want, when you want
Work is constantly saved, and all edits can be accessed with version history
Streamlined communication
Streamlined communication
Consolidate feedback, bringing the conversation into your design tool.
Guide others through your work with presentation mode
Communicate directly on designs with comments
Know when things are happening with Slack or email notifications
Feature by feature
Real-Time CollaborationReal-Time Collaboration
Detailed Version HistoryDetailed Version History
Desktop AppDesktop App
Works on Windows, Mac & LinuxWorks on Windows, Mac & Linux
Advanced PermissionsAdvanced Permissions
Team SpacesTeam Spaces
Integrations with Slack and FramerIntegrations with Slack and Framer
Email & Slack NotificationsEmail & Slack Notifications
Presentation ModePresentation Mode
Team Component LibrariesTeam Component Libraries

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