Thomas Lowry
Designer Advocate at Figma

Getting started with teams in Figma Organization

In Figma Organization you can create an unlimited number of teams, which gives you an additional level of control over file organization and user permissions. It's important to think through your team set-up carefully, because this configuration will impact the level of access and user permissions to files within each team. A team can have its own projects, documents, and shared libraries, as well as be configured to have different levels of visibility within Figma. Shared libraries can be enabled by default for each team, or even for the entire organization, accessible to everyone, which may be another consideration when figuring out how to structure your teams.

This guide will help you identify the best approach for your company. We'll cover:

  1. Visibility of teams
  2. Strategies for team creation (For collaboration, permissions, and file management; for design systems; for agencies.)