Thomas Lowry
Designer Advocate at Figma


You can use groups and frames in many ways (together or separately) to achieve different behaviors.

TLDR — use a group if:

  • You want to combine multiple objects together into a single manageable layer
  • You want to group elements together that will maintain a fixed relationship when scaled (ex: a logo or symbol made up of multiple shapes)
  • You want the bounds of the group to auto-adapt to the child objects as you manipulate them

TLDR — use a frame if:

  • You want to control the frame size independently of its contents
  • You want to define the resizing behavior of child elements
  • You want objects to be clipped by frame bounds, or reside outside its bounds
  • You want nested scrolling behavior in your prototype (ex: horizontal carousel, or a map that you can pan vertically and horizontally)
  • You want to use a layout grid within it

For more details about using frames and groups, check out our Help Center article.

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