Enabling go-to-market teams

Self-serve marketing collateral

All too often, designers are inundated with one-off requests from other teams who need a (seemingly) simple mock-up. Those “quick” requests can eat away at your time, so Komaragiri recommends empowering cross-functional collaborators to create their own materials by building a self-serve asset library within your design system. At DataGuard, this model allows the marketing team to move quickly, while also making sure that their collateral is on brand.

Customizable sales decks

The sales team at DataGuard talks to companies of all sizes, and with varying needs. To accommodate the wide range of prospective customers, designers created a slide template in Figma, with individual components that the sales team can customize. They have also created component sets for key slides so the content changes based on audience. For example, the sales team can toggle by company size on the pricing slide. As they adjust the number of employees—from 0-25 employees, all the way up to 600+—the pricing structure changes. Plus, they can easily switch the slide between English and German, depending on who they’re talking to.