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Storyboarding the future of design and creativity

Yuhki YamashitaChief Product Officer, Figma

Since announcing the acquisition over a year ago, we’ve talked a lot about what the future could look like, but we haven’t shown it. So, we came together with the Adobe team to imagine “what if...?”

What if we could go from stickies to storyboard in an instant? Today, reading user journeys can be dry and requires so much imagination; tomorrow, everyone is going to want to participate and riff on them.

What if our worlds were all connected? We could take an asset created in Adobe Substance 3D, place it in a product mockup in Figma, and the linked asset stays up to date.

What if the magic of multiplayer made its way to Adobe’s apps? For example, imagine it in 3D design–one designer works on the model while the other adjusts lighting or texture. I know I’d learn 3D so much faster if a designer was able to be in the file with me, giving me pointers and helping me out.

What if Firefly, Adobe's generative AI tool, worked seamlessly with your design process in Figma? Imagine generating new backgrounds for your assets that better match the vibe of the UI, or using generative fill to extend the image to fit perfectly into your responsive designs, and having it all just…work.

What if you could take a working prototype of your app and drop it directly into your launch video? If you’re like us, you make changes to the product until the very last minute and stress out our friends in marketing…so having these auto-update in the video is a game-changer.

What if your assets in Adobe and product designs in Figma shared a design system with color palettes, fonts, and more? And you could make changes to all of these with just a click of a button? Oh, and imagine all the Adobe fonts in Figma!

There’s so much more to dream up, and we're excited for our shared future together.

Yuhki Yamashita is the Chief Product Officer at Figma, where he leads the product and design teams. Before joining Figma, he was at Uber for over 4 years, where he led the redesign of both the rider and driver apps. Prior to that, he was responsible for the YouTube app on iOS at Google.

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