Introducing new FigJam prices and a more open platform

Dylan Field
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Figma

For decades, the world has been transitioning from physical to digital—2020 accelerated this shift. Unable to come together in physical places, we turned to new ways to meet and connect online. We built FigJam to help teams collaborate visually and have a little fun along the way.

Since we launched in April, we’ve learned that entire organizations want to use FigJam. We’ve also learned that no two teams are alike. Today, we’re excited to announce a number of changes which will help you bring more people into FigJam:

  • New FigJam pricing ($0-5/editor/month starting February 2022)
  • Customize your space with widgets
  • Speed up creation with plugins
  • Embed content, like videos and docs
  • Create more sophisticated diagrams with new shapes and code blocks
  • Access new templates directly from the FigJam toolbar
  • And, invite anyone to jam with Open sessions

Let’s look at how you can transform FigJam to be a space you and your team call home.

A space that’s accessible to all

FigJam is currently free in beta. When it exits beta on February 1, 2022, we want to make sure FigJam is accessible to all. Like Figma, FigJam will be free on the Starter plan, with access to unlimited personal whiteboards and 3 shared whiteboards with unlimited collaborators. For unlimited shared whiteboards for your entire organization, you can choose one of our paid plans: FigJam Professional at $3 per editor or FigJam Organization at $5 per editor.

In addition, we want to make it easier for you to welcome others into your FigJam space. With Open sessions rolling out today, you can now invite anyone to join your jam for 24 hours—no login, no friction. Think of Open sessions as the digital equivalent of hosting a research workshop or one-off planning session.

Make FigJam yours with widgets, plugins, and more

What makes Figma special is that it is shaped by our community. That’s why we welcomed a close community of developers to the FigJam widgets and plugins beta in August. Today, we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on together, so we can learn how you want to customize your FigJam space and continue to build in the open, alongside our users.

Fun ways to connect

Team productivity starts with trust and rapport. Widgets can help get your team talking or bring a little play to your day.

Build team rapport with Donut. With water cooler prompts, drawing games, and more, this widget helps you get to know your teammates on a more personal level.

Take a break with a quick game of Rock Paper Scissors (by Alex Einarsson) or Connect Four (by Jackie Chui).

Make space for better meetings

It’s hard to keep everyone engaged in a meeting, and even harder when it’s happening online. Widgets can help make facilitating meetings easier and enable everyone’s voices to be heard.

Tally everyone’s votes and feedback after a brainstorm with Simple Vote (by Rogie King).

Check in and see if everyone is on the same page with Alignment Scale (by Michael Yong, Sawyer Hood, Keeyen Yeo, John Lai, and Bersabel Tadesse).

Productivity assists

Switching between tools can put a dent in your productivity. Widgets can help you stay in the flow longer by integrating FigJam with other tools you use.

Easily import a Google Sheet and create a table with Table (by Gavin McFarland) 

Keep accessibility in mind from the start with Stark for FigJam. Role-specific checklists and explanations ensure that accessibility is a team sport and that no critical steps are missed throughout the product development process.

Map out your current department or plan future headcount with Org Chart (by Rogie King).

This is just the beginning for widgets. We're going to make the experience even richer to support more use cases like kanban boards and timelines and more features like in-line text editing and better embedded media support.

Speed up your workflow with plugins

While widgets are made for collaboration, plugins help you express your ideas out, faster. With over 40 plugins available today, what you can create in FigJam is limitless. For example, Vimeo is building a new Vimeo Record plugin, where you can record screen captures and your thoughts directly in a file. This is great for sharing context with your team across time zones or voicing over a product walkthrough.

To speed up visual thinking and creation with plugins you can use today, you can create animated presentations with Tour Guide, automatically transform text into stickies with Create Sticky from Text, and count up votes with a click with Stamp Counter.

From left to right: Tour Guide (by Nelson Taruc), Paint (by Gleb), Stamp Counter (by Alex Einarsson), Spectrum (by Milan Maheshwari), Create Sticky from Text (by Discord and Daniel Destefanis), SPELLL (by Tekeste Kidanu)

A space for developers

Lastly, we know that developers don’t just build on FigJam—they also create in FigJam. With new widgets, code blocks, and diagramming shapes, FigJam is a space for developers, too.

For example, the new widget from CoderPad enables engineering teams to run fully interactive programming interviews directly in FigJam and toggle between code and design to create interview experiences that more closely match how teammates collaborate.

And with new code blocks and shapes, creating and maintaining architecture diagrams in FigJam is simple.

We can’t wait to see what you build and how you make FigJam home for your team. A special thank you to all the developers who published a new plugin or widget:

Abstract, Ahmidi, Saeed Alipoor, Bahtiyar, Brandfetch, Alex Bourt, Vedran Budimcic, ByPeople, CoderPad, Jackie Chui, Daniel Destefanis, Deep Joshi, Donut, Alex Einarsson, Matias Fiori, Jonathan Geggatt, Ismael Gonzalez, Maxime De Greve, Stas Haas, Travisse Hansen, Hello_GaspardBruno, Aarón García Hervás, Hexorial Studio, Brett Holcomb, Iconify, Icons8, Orkhan Jafarov, Tekeste Kidanu, Rogie King, Karl Koch, Andreslav Kozlov,Pavan Kusuma, Nitish Khagwal, Jamil Lazarev, Juliane, Lichin, Liam Martens, Daniel Máslo, Gavin McFarland, Javier Miguelez, Emile Paffard-Wray, Philcarlhauser, Jordan Singer, Stark, Tru Narla, Muhammad Rusdi, Mirko Santangelo, Manthankumar Satani, Alexey Shalik, Emin Sinani, Bersabel Tadesse, Jaclyn Tan, Vjacheslav Trushkin, Unsplash, Aaron Veale, Vimeo, Wondershare PixCut, Writer, Cameron Yick, Michael Yong, Yury Zeliankouski, Kirill Zakharov, Ori Ziv, Xing Zhuo

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