Organize photo galleries, presentation slides and more with Smart Selection 2D

We launched Smart Selection three months ago and the response has been incredible. Designers told us it saves them “millions of hours” 😉by cutting out tedious tasks. Instead of painstakingly rearranging lists of elements they can simply hit the Tidy Up button and power-up their workflow.

Since the feature has been so useful for people, we decided to expand on its functionality. With Smart Selection 2D, you can now organize both lists and grids, i.e. horizontally and vertically. We released Smart Selection 2D earlier this week and we can’t wait to see what you do with it. (For those new to the feature, skim to the bottom of the post for a quick primer.)

There’s a lot of potential use cases, so we tweeted a few examples this week to help spark some ideas:

Smart Selection 2D works just like before. You can use it on any selection of two or more items with equal, uniform spacing. With items selected, you can adjust the spacing, position and size of these items at once.

  • Drag the pink-colored handles in the space between objects to adjust spacing horizontally or vertically
  • Drag the ring to quickly rearrange items
  • Click one or more items’ pink rings to mark them: This allows resizing by pulling on their edges
  • Tidy Up will clean up a messy design and help you get a Smart Selection

Learn more about the feature in our original blog post here and our Help content here.