Nominate photography for the 2018 Unsplash Awards

When Unsplash came on the scene in 2013, it upended traditional stock photography. Instead of relying on cheesy, cheap tropes — the visual equivalent of junk mail — Unsplash featured a daily collection of beautiful imagery. Its editors curated the work and maintained high standards in their selection. 

Unsplash could not exist without the generosity and craftsmanship of the artists that share their work for free. To thank them, it’s holding its second annual awards, recognizing the top contributions to the site in different areas. Throughout November and December, Unsplash will feature work in categories ranging from portraits to street photography, and judges will select the best featured image in each group.

We’re helping Unsplash spread the word, since we know a lot of Figma designers are passionate photography hobbyists (and Unsplash users). If you’d like to submit a photograph, head here and enter by December 7th. Here’s the full list of categories that will be highlighted:

  1. Aerial photography
  2. Animals and wildlife
  3. Astrophotography
  4. Black and white
  5. Food and drink
  6. Interiors and architecture
  7. Mobile photography
  8. Nature and landscapes
  9. People and portraits
  10. Sports
  11. Street photography
  12. Tech and business
  13. Unsplash community

You can get more information on what constitutes each of these categories, who the judges are and how photos will be evaluated by going to Unsplash’s Awards page.