What’s new in Figma: August 2022

Chandler Sopko
Marketing at Figma

This month, Figma co-founder & CEO Dylan Field reflected on ten years of Figma, from our alpha launch in 2014, to his trip to Figma’s new Japan office just a few weeks ago. Over these last ten years, we’ve built new products, shipped some highly-requested features, and iterated on fixes and improvements to make Figma and FigJam better for our community. In true form, this month we launched some exciting updates as well as some (seemingly) small changes that make a big difference. Read on to learn what’s new at Figma.

Integrate Figma with Microsoft Teams

For over 270 million people, Microsoft Teams is where work happens. With our new Teams app, users can now collaborate in Figma and FigJam without ever leaving Teams. The app makes it easy to present and riff on work in meetings, add relevant files to channels for easy access, and stay on top of feedback with real-time notifications.

An image of a Figma file being presented, and images of participants on a video call at the top.An image of a Figma file being presented, and images of participants on a video call at the top.

Learn more about the integration and install it here.

20+ Little Big Updates

Small usability changes can make a big difference, especially when you’re spending hours a day in Figma. That’s why we dedicate time twice a year to deliver features and updates that we know will delight the community and make Figma easier to use.

We shipped a number of updates, including:

  • Faster gradient customization: Double click on gradients to space them out evenly and add dimension to your color fills
  • Better markups in frames: Annotate without worrying about getting clipped or included in auto layout
  • Easier diagram creation in FigJam: Use new prompts to auto-create shapes and stay in connector mode for faster flow-charting

Learn more about all 20+ updates .

Back to School: Figma for education

Earlier this month, we hosted Commons, our first conference for the education community. Hundreds of educators came together for a series of hands-on workshops, interactive panel discussions, and thoughtful talks on building more creative, collaborative, and communicative classrooms. We also announced two new FigJam sticker packs for the classroom, an Education Community collection of top templates, a new monthly education YouTube series called “Study Hall,” and updates to our Chromebook beta, which allows US high school districts to deploy Figma Organization to all of their students and teachers for free.

A blue background with a yellow box that says "commons."A blue background with a yellow box that says "commons."

Watch the sessions from Commons.

New and noteworthy from the community

Check out new plugins, widgets, files, and partner integrations.

  • Stark Accessibility Checklist: Get role-specific accessibility checklists for product managers, designers, and engineers
  • Approve: Indicate whether a design is approved or needs changes, so stakeholders know the status of your work
  • Changelog: Create changelogs in Figma so everyone’s on the same page

For even more detailed announcements, be sure to check out the release notes and follow Figma on Twitter.