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What’s new in Figma: December 2021

Sula YangProduct Marketing, Figma

A round-up of new features, fixes, and capabilities that we’ve added to Figma and FigJam recently.

Ease of use is table stakes when it comes to most things these days, but it can come in many forms—the ease of doing everything in one place, bringing your designs to life, or surfacing great ideas.

In this last month of 2021, we introduced more ways to make collaboration and creation a breeze, so that nothing gets in the way of your productivity. Read on to learn more about these updates.

Enrich your jam sessions

Whether you’re meeting live or collaborating async, rich media makes it easier to bring context, inspiration, and a bit more fun to your jams. Our latest release allows you to watch videos from Vimeo, play music from Spotify, and more—just paste a link in your FigJam space. In addition, the new Vimeo plugin allows you to create screen and webcam recordings directly in your files, so you can record status updates, demos, and how-tos directly in Figma and FigJam.

Highlight the best ideas, and drop the rest

When you’re collaborating with your team in FigJam, it needs to be easy to spot the great ideas as well as refine works-in-progress. So, we’ve added two new features to the FigJam toolbar that offer convenient ways to highlight the good, while iterating and refining the rest.

  • Highlighter: Highlight text or other items in FigJam to make sure they stand out—you can also hold shift while you highlight for perfect straight lines
  • Eraser: Delete individual strokes to correct and refine your drawings

Keep your designs mobile

Mobile designers need to preview their work throughout the design process. In our latest update of the Figma mobile app, we’ve introduced more ways to preview and interact with your designs, so that you can make sure they’re truly market-ready for mobile:

  • Play prototypes without being tethered to your desktop
  • Toggle hotspot hints in prototypes for smoother playback
  • Mirror selected frames on desktop, on your mobile device
  • Share, browse, and view Figma files and prototypes
  • Share, browse, and view FigJam files
  • Navigate across teams and projects and switch between workspaces

Download or update to the latest version now:

For more information about the app, go to our Help Center.

For even more detailed improvements, make sure to check out the release notes. And if you have any other feature requests, we’d love to hear them! Feel free to share with us on Twitter or in the Figma Support Forum.

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