With love, from Figma: @mentions and file sorting

Kathryn Aaker Salant
Software Engineer, Figma

Whoops — we forgot to give you your Valentine’s Day present! Don’t worry, it’s not a box of chocolates hastily wrapped in newspaper or a dozen day-old roses with a post-it love note.

For a belated V-Day present, we’re giving you functionality you have been requesting for so long. We built these small but mighty features to save precious minutes in your design workflow. The first is the oft-requested @mention: now you can grab a team member’s attention and invite them into a file, pointing them directly to where you need feedback. The second feature is file sorting. To enable these features, refresh your Figma tabs.

Organize your workflow with file sorting

Most file list views in Figma are automatically sorted by “Last Modified.” This approach is useful if you have recently active files in a project, but it limits you otherwise. So, we’re now allowing you to sort your files by date created as well as alphabetically by file name.

We hope this feature will make it easier to find what you’re looking for in Figma, so go forth and organize!

Streamline your design collaboration with @mentions

Collaboration in a design workflow can take many forms. In Figma, you have the unique ability to share a live design file or prototype with another designer or stakeholder.

However, collaboration often takes place asynchronously:

  • A designer makes changes to a work-in-progress and wants to draw her PM’s attention to it for feedback — no longer will she need to draw a huge arrow in her Figma design so stakeholders know where to look
  • An engineer goes to implement a modal and realizes she has questions about the Figma prototype linked from the task tracker
  • A copy editor makes changes to prose and wants to let the designer know he is done

“Now I know what comments to focus on.” — Val Klump, copywriter at Gusto

This is usually when we reach for comments. They’re not frequently used as general broadcasts — instead, they’re a way to give information to or request feedback from a specific person. Just one problem: previously in Figma, there was no seamless way to alert people to comments directed at them. You had to send them a link to the document and tell them to hunt down the comment you just left. 🙈

With today’s release of @mentions, you’ll be able to get people’s attention a little more easily. As in many other collaboration tools and social networks, you can tag a person by typing the @ symbol and their name, and that user will get an email about the comment, as well as a notification in Figma itself.

Pro tip: you can reply to comment notification emails, and it will add your new comment to the thread in Figma!


We hope these features streamline your process when working in Figma. As always, keep sharing the feature releases you would be most excited to see from us. Our vocal users are why these two oft-requested functionalities are now live. 🎉