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State of the Designer

Product designers have seen a whirlwind of changes in the past three years, with work styles transformed and the role of design elevated with many organizations.

So, how are things going? Figma surveyed designers in Europe and APAC to explore whether changes in working patterns, collaboration, and relationships with other departments have left designers in a good place.

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Are designers in a good place?

95 percent95 percent

Spotlight on collaboration

95% of designers have embraced working from home at least partially.

75 percent75 percent

Riding the remote work wave

75% of designers are working remotely more often, adapting to the new norm.

69 percent69 percent

Job satisfaction on the rise

69% of designers report being more satisfied than they were pre-pandemic.

FAQ: What have we learned?

Three quarters of designers are working from home more than they were before the pandemic. The key to successful collaboration lies in using suitable tools and establishing productive rituals.

Sixty-two percent of product designers think workflow collaboration has improved, aided by video meetings, brainstorming tools, online whiteboards and collaborative design tools.

Design teams who collaborate effectively with their teams prioritize group meetings for design. Over 60% of effective collaborators use group meetings more now than before the pandemic.

Sixty-nine percent of product designers believe job satisfaction has improved, or greatly improved since 2020.