Josefin Sans font pairings

Josefin Sans is an elegant, geometric, vintage typeface meant to be used at larger sizes. It pairs well with Cardo, Abril Fatface, Yeseva One, Lato, and Playfair.

About Josefin Sans

Josefin Sans draws its inspiration from vintage, elegant fonts of the past. Creator Santiago Orozco based Josefin Sans on the work of Rudolf Koch’s, Kabel (1927), Rudolf Wolf’s, Memphis (1930), and Paul Renner’s, Futura (1927) to create a modern typeface with Swedish design roots.

Josefin Sans Creator

Josefin Sans was created by Santiago Orozco that reflects Swedish design and their passion for a good lifestyle. Santiago lives in Monterrey, Mexico where he runs Typemade, a font foundry. After publishing a small preview of Josefin at Typophile in 2010, he caught the attention of Google, who asked him to include Josefin Sans as part of the initial Google fonts launch. He named Josefin Sans after his mother, Josefina.

Josefin Sans Font Weights

Josefin Sans includes 617 Glyphs and a sister font, called Josefin Slab. The x-height is half way from baseline to cap height, an unusual proportion that gives Josefin is distinct style. It supports multiple weights, including Thin, Thin Italic, Light, Light Italic, Regular, Regular Italic, Semi-Bold, Semi-Bold Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic.