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Design together, even when you’re apart

Remote work is new to a lot of us. Figma is a fast and powerful online design tool that helps teams create, collaborate, prototype, and handoff — all in the browser.

Features built for virtual meetings

Whether you’re video conferencing on Zoom, Google Meet, or another tool, Figma’s got built-in features to help keep your meetings running smoothly.

Design together in one file

Jump into a Figma file together to brainstorm, iterate, and jam on ideas.

Present your design in a click

Click play to instantly present your Figma file. Easily add live feedback as comments.

Observe the presenter

Click on any avatar to literally “walk” in the presenter’s shoes.

Because sharing design in Figma is so frictionless, we can share more, get more feedback, and do better work.
Will Newton, Product Designer at Amplitude

Thousands of teams are scaling design with Figma

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