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Prepare your people, resources, and systems for any service scenario. FigJam makes blueprinting simple with an intuitive, interactive template.

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Service blueprint template

Serve the best interest of your team and customers with service blueprinting tools that help you plan for future scenarios and respond in real-time.

Take the guesswork out of your operations

With service blueprint templates, eliminate roadblocks from your service processes to ensure bump-free workflows and smooth journeys for users, customers, and guests.

Chart your course: Preplan your itinerary for the journey ahead and share it with your team so no one gets lost.

Divvy up your duties: Outline employee actions and responsibilities so everyone knows when to step in.

Point out your priorities: Make your ideal outcomes crystal clear and help your people pick the best path to get there.

service blueprint template with FigJam's collaborative toolsservice blueprint template with FigJam's collaborative tools
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Deliver service without the seams

Thanks to community-built tools and widgets, gain a new understanding of your service process and streamline your services with ease. FigJam makes it easy to architect—and engage with—clear service blueprints with live polls, alignment scales, calendars, and question boxes.

Collaborative templates at your service

FigJam’s service blueprint examples can inspire your team to construct better customer experiences. Get the job done right, and have some fun with templates from the Community.


A service blueprint is a diagram that walks through the various steps that go into a range of possible service scenarios.

Service blueprints offer team members a high-level view of their organization’s common challenges and pitfalls so that they can be prepared with support processes when the inevitable happens. Service blueprints are indispensable resources across all industries, from hospitality to software development because they can be tailored to fit any customer experience.

The simplest way to make a service blueprint is to get started on FigJam’s service blueprint template. We take care of the formatting and structure, so all you need to do is fill in the information that’s unique to your project or team. With free examples of service blueprints to guide you, you can easily create a customer journey map, delegate responsibilities, and emphasize key steps with arrows and emotes.

Like all of FigJam’s templates, the template service blueprint is endlessly customizable and is equipped with intuitive editing tools and widgets.

There are six easy steps to building a strong service blueprint.

  1. Determine areas of service that need improvement or streamlining.
  2. Choose specific scenarios such as customer actions within your wider area of study to blueprint.
  3. Map out each interaction step by step from your organization’s point of view.
  4. Compare and contrast each scenario. Try to identify critical steps within the blueprint—those key moments that influence the scenario’s outcome and customer experience.
  5. Observe your data from a birds’ eye view and pick out the common trends in your positive and negative scenarios.
  6. Put your newfound insights into action. Address the issues you’ve uncovered, and work together to support positive trends.

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