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Config 2022: Thinking big and acting with urgency

Dylan FieldCo-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Figma

A recap of 24 hours of Config, and details about all 15 Figma features we launched.

This morning at 8am PT, we wrapped 24 hours of Config, with 100 speakers representing every continent except Antarctica, sharing 68 talks for attendees from nearly every country. (How many of you stayed up for the entire thing? No? Just me?) Config has always been about bringing the community together to talk about design. That intention hasn’t changed, but the world around us has.

It’s easy to feel helpless when forces larger than ourselves are at play. But we are not helpless. We are designers, builders, creatives, and we have the ability to shape the world around us, whether it’s enabling economic access, helping to fight climate change, or simply spreading messages of peace and unity. If you want to change something locally or globally, there’s nothing stopping you.

We’re always working to make Figma better. We hope that the content shared at Config this year will inspire you to think bigger and act with more urgency.

Here's a recap of the new Figma features we launched:

1. Dark mode 🌘: Now available on Figma desktop and web.

2. Redesigned auto layout: Build fully responsive designs with our more intuitive and powerful auto layout, including new layout options like absolute positioning and negative spacing.

3. Component properties: Reduce variant proliferation and code align your design system for a smoother handoff.

4. Spotlight: Improve multiplayer sessions with the ability to spotlight collaborators for everyone to follow.

5. New FigJam widgets: Connect ideas to plans in FigJam with Jira, Asana, and Github widgets, and use greeting card and voice memo widgets to celebrate team wins.

6. Variable fonts: Create more optimized and expressive designs with variable font support.

7. Spring animations: Design more natural and fluid transition animations when prototyping.

8. Individual strokes: Apply and customize partial borders for four-sided shapes.

9. Review states: Approve updates, share contextual design feedback, and request changes through branching.

10. Updated outlines: Reveal everything on the canvas—from hidden objects to bounding boxes.

11. International keyboard shortcuts (beta): Trigger Figma and FigJam shortcuts more easily on German, Japanese, and French keyboards. Sign up here.

12. Password protection: Control who can view the files you share by setting a password.

13. Favoriting files: Bookmark and get easy access to the files you reference most.

14. Widget Code Generator plugin: Quickly translate Figma files into widget code with our new plugin.

15. Desktop app updates: Recover, pin, and drag tabs on desktop to customize and organize your workspace—now available to everyone.

I appreciate all that you do for this community!

Learn more about all 15 features we launched at Config.

Dylan Field is the co-founder and CEO of Figma. Dylan studied computer science and mathematics at Brown University where he and his co-founder, Evan Wallace, first started experimenting with design tools built on (and for) the web. With funding from a Thiel fellowship, they began Figma. Prior to Figma, Dylan interned at O'Reilly Media, LinkedIn, and Flipboard.

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