Turn ideas into action

With all of the different ways that teams collaborate, it can be difficult to keep up momentum and move work forward. That’s why product teams need a single place to ideate, iterate, and make things happen.

Get started

Figma is redesigning how teams work together to propel ideas into actionable next steps—because it’s execution that separates building a good product from building a great one. 

Meet in a new way

Bring your team together in more creative ways with features that make project syncs and team rituals more focused, decisive, and engaging.

Work to the beat

Get on the same wavelength as your team by listening to music together. Try music in FigJam.

Rock the vote

Narrow down options to speed up decision making by allowing everyone in a file to anonymously vote on a set prompt. Try voting in FigJam.

Get a running start

Save time and lead more engaging meetings, brainstorms, and more, with over 300 ready-made FigJam templates.

Make every meeting a jam

Attach Figma and FigJam files to any Google Calendar event with the Figma Chrome extension. Plus, collaborate on files directly in Microsoft Teams and Zoom (coming soon) in just a few clicks.

Bring style to your files

Get complex ideas off the ground with features that help you visualize your thinking and get everyone on the same page, faster.

Break things down

Create structure and organize content with sections to help teammates navigate through a Figma file—all on the same canvas.

Coming Soon
Bring structure to the table

Use tables in FigJam to visually organize text into an easy-to-read format.

Show and tell

Give words more meaning with markdown support and text formatting options. Try it in FigJam.

Mobilize your workflow

Stay on top of feedback from wherever you are with features that drive decisions and propel ideas into action.

Push notification title: “Remilla, Product design library”; What if we animated these for the hero?Push notification title: “Remilla, Product design library”; What if we animated these for the hero?
Stay in the loop

Never miss a beat with notifications. Now available on iOS, Android, or desktop.

Comments on the go

Respond to questions and review work from anywhere via comments on your phone or tablet. Download now for iOS or Android.

In case you missed it

Stop typos in their tracks

Share ideas and hand off files with confidence that they’re typo-free with spell check. Now available in Figma design and FigJam.

Bring prototypes to life with video

Add videos to your prototypes to bring them even closer to the real experience. Learn more.

Even more new releases

Head over to our release notes to stay up to date on all the big and small updates we’re making in real time.