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Jam your way, together

Each team has their own ways of working—but jumping from tool to tool and starting projects from scratch slows work down.

Ways to work together in FigJamWays to work together in FigJam

Discover new ways to bring your team’s templates, tools , and personalities into FigJam, so you can stay aligned from first idea to final delivery.

Find, share, and define company rituals

Create templates from your FigJam files that anyone in your organization can use.

Standardize how you plan, meet, and lead

Templatize your best practices and frameworks so your team consistently produces great outcomes.

Mastercard, Disney Streaming, Productboard logosMastercard, Disney Streaming, Productboard logos

Explore world-class teams’ templates

Discover frameworks, rituals, and workflows from teams at Mastercard, Productboard, and more.

Bring the tools your team loves into FigJam

Streamline your workflow by bringing your tech stack and conversations into one place.

Uncover insights together

Embed user insights from UserTesting, Great Question, Maze, and Mixpanel right in your files.

Turn feedback into features

Turn ideas captured on stickies into insights with the Productboard widget.

Work in a space that looks and feels like your team

Bring your team’s colors, faces, and quirks into FigJam.


Show your true colors

Make your brand colors the default for files to create a space that’s all yours.

Face badge stickers to addFace badge stickers to add

Put faces to names

Show who’s doing what with stamps of your teammates’ friendly faces.

Tag teammates and add emojis to sticky notesTag teammates and add emojis to sticky notes
Tag in teammates

Mention teammates in your stickies to grab their attention, and add flourish with the quick emoji picker.

Amp up meetings

Discover new music tracks to help you and your team power through your jam sessions.

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In case you missed it

FigJam screen reader accessibility

Make your jams more inclusive with screen reader support in FigJam.

Little Big Updates

Check out 30+ of our latest little updates, that are actually pretty big improvements for your design workflow.