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Plug Ins

Figma plugins have arrived

Automate work, bring in real data, and extend what’s possible in Figma. Install plugins built by the Figma community in one click, or create your own.

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Bring your prototypes to life with animated GIFs

You can wave your hands to explain what you mean. Or you can use GIFs to introduce motion and some fun to your product, website, mobile app, or presentation.

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Creating reusable designs is now easier with components

Components are your best friend if you’re looking to create consistent designs efficiently. We’ve made components work better at every step of your design workflow.
Turn multiple objects into components in a click

Now, you can create more reusable designs in a fraction of the time.

Return to Instance from your Master Component page

Reference or edit a Master Component without disrupting your workflow.

Instance overrides to master components
Push instance overrides to Master Component

Apply changes made to an instance back to the Master Component for future use.

Component descriptions now available in the Code panel

Link to relevant GitHub URLs or write exceptions for a seamless dev hand-off.


Smart Selection just got smarter

Easily delete and duplicate text, images, and objects using Smart Selection. The surrounding objects automatically adjust to fill the void or make room for the new addition.

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New product tips from our team to yours

Want to see all our latest releases?

Head over to the release notes to get all the details. You can even integrate the RSS feed with your Slack, so you never miss an update.

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