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EU hosting for Figma and FigJam files

At Figma, we speak to customers around the world every day to discuss ways we can make their Figma and FigJam experience even more seamless. And opening new office locations over the past 18 months is just one step we’ve taken to add support and ensure we understand what matters most to people in their regions.

Data protection and privacy have been top of mind for many organizations in Europe for some time. It’s one of the reasons we were delighted to gain a compliance mark from the EU Cloud Code of Conduct last year. And, today, we’re pleased to announce Figma is now offering customers the option to host their Figma and FigJam file data within the European Union (EU).

This allows Figma customers to continue enjoying the power, scale and efficiencies of a cloud-based design platform, but with greater control over where their data is hosted. It’s something we know some of our key partners, such as Volkswagen Group, are acutely aware of in today’s regulatory landscape:

As a key design tool for Volkswagen Group, we’re excited that Figma is developing the capacity to host data within the EU, which is a critical consideration for us from a data protection perspective.
Volkswagen Group, in a statement when we announced EU data hosting plans earlier this year

Here are a few more of our most frequently asked questions.

What data can Figma host in the EU?

Figma is now offering local file hosting in the EU, starting with the document contents of Figma and FigJam files. For a detailed breakdown of what file types are able to be hosted within the EU please see our relevant help page here.

Where in the EU is Figma file data stored?

The primary hosting location is Frankfurt (Germany), with backup data hosted in Dublin (Republic of Ireland).

Which cloud infrastructure provider is Figma using for EU hosting?

Figma is working with its established cloud infrastructure provider, AWS.

What type of data isn’t included?

Figma is a complex product made up of many different data types, some of which are easier to migrate than others. It’s worth noting that user metadata and login data will not be hosted within the EU. Please also note that some data in transit will also be temporarily stored outside of the EU for a limited period of time. A summary table of the file types that we are and are not able to host in the EU can be found here.

What other data are we going to localize?

We’re working hard to add video and image files to our localized hosting solution early next year.

Which Figma plan is the EU data hosting option available to?

EU data hosting is available to Figma’s Enterprise plan customers only.

I’m an existing Figma customer. Will my organization’s existing Figma files be able to be migrated from the US to the EU?

Yes, provided you are currently on, or upgrading to, a Figma Enterprise plan. Your account manager will work with you to provide a date for migration. Once your account has been upgraded to Figma Enterprise, you’ll be able to join the waiting list for data migration.

Customers on other Figma plans can contact us for a demo of Figma Enterprise.

Which Security and Data Protection Standards has Figma achieved?

Figma has always been committed to providing trusted and secure cloud services. Our EU data residency project complements and enhances our existing security and data protection frameworks, including:

  • a SOC 2 Type II Report;
  • the ISO 27018 & 27001 certifications; and
  • Level 2 adherence to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct.

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