Now you can open links in the Figma desktop app 

Thomas Lowry
Designer Advocate at Figma

Although Figma is first and foremost a web tool, our desktop app gets its fair share of love from the community. If you hoard dozens of tabs in your browser, it's nice to have a window dedicated solely to Figma.

With that said, we're excited to share a few updates to that desktop experience:

  • You can now set up Figma URLs to open in the desktop app automatically
  • You can change your color space to sRGB (Mac OS)
  • We streamlined our UI for Windows users to give them more screen space for designing

Read on for more details on the changes.

One of Figma's super-powers is the ability to share source-of-truth files with a link. Those links can be embedded into word processing docs, posted on Slack or saved in task management tickets, making it easy for people to stay up to date on the design progress. 

Before now, those links automatically opened in the browser, taking users into Chrome, Firefox or Safari instead of our app. Figma desktop fans built menu bar apps and browser extensions to get around that. (A big thanks to those who shared their work so the community could use it!)

Now, Figma will natively handling opening links on desktop. Update your desktop app, click any Figma URL, and check "always open in the app" from the dialogue box that pops up. If you ever change your mind, go to preferences in the top left menu of a Figma file and uncheck "open links in desktop app." 

Pro tip: If you keep your browser as the default, you can always open a Figma URL in your desktop app manually. Just go to the top left menu of the file and select "open in desktop app."

You can now manage your color space

Color accuracy is crucial for many of our users, so we shipped an update to give you more control over its appearance on the Mac desktop app (Windows coming soon). Before now, the desktop defaulted to unmanaged, so it would inherit the color setting of your computer's general display. That was challenging for anyone designing web-based apps which rely on sRGB. They couldn't evaluate their designs accurately when the colors didn't match the appearance of the browsers where their product lived.

Now in our Mac app, you'll have a choice: Continue using an unmanaged profile, or switch to sRGB. 

Streamlined Windows UI

Earlier this quarter, we gave our Windows app interface a polish. We consolidated menu options and removed unnecessary UI elements. That helped maximize space on the canvas, so people had more room to do their actual design work.   

We hope you'll find these improvements useful to your process. As always, please tell us what you think so that we that can continue to refine and improve the experience. If you've never tried the Figma desktop app, you can always get the latest version here.