Figma Feature Highlight: Sketch Import

Valerie Veteto

Here at Figma we know news can get buried and release notes can go overlooked…no matter how many times you refresh Twitter. So we’ve decided to resurface some evergreen features and give them five minutes of Figma blog fame. Last week we zeroed in on Observation Mode, and this week? It’s all about Sketch Import, which lets you transfer Sketch files directly into your Figma file space.

Even though we released Sketch Import in June of 2015, we still see fans discovering it. For example, the tweet below is from only two months ago.

Why Sketch Import is essential for Figma users

  1. Initial switch. For those designers switching from Sketch, it would be too much to ask for them to recreate all of their previous work. (Remember the Photoshop to Sketch transition?) New users need an easy and reliable solution to make that digital leap.
  2. Teams stay synced on design. Working on a project with a team who prefers a wide array of design tools and operating systems? With Figma, a developer on Windows or Linux can easily import a Sketch file for specs, regardless of the fact that Sketch is Mac-only.
  3. Hopping between the tools. Some designers love to work in a silo in Sketch, and then drop their design file into Figma for the collaborative benefits, such as an impromptu design critique or to communicate amongst remote stakeholders. Figma’s commenting feature helps everyone stay on the same page.

Our Sketch Import is like a hidden secret power because of its vigilant accuracy. In addition to preserving your pages and resizing constraints, it can even import symbols into Figma as components — a neat trick for those companies building out or maintaining a design system. And in the case where something doesn’t work properly, please contact us through the in-app support widget.

How Sketch Import works

There are three ways to get the job done.

  1. Drag and drop your Sketch file into your Figma file space.
  2. Import via the toolbar.
  3. Hold Command+Shift+K for Mac; Control+Shift+K for Windows.

Voilà! A new Figma file will be automatically created with the added image(s). Feel free to check out our Help Center article if you’d like to dig deeper.

Which feature deserves the spotlight next?

We know designers love the nitty-gritty details and especially the “a-ha!” that comes from championing a treasured feature. To make sure we’re highlighting features the community loves, what would you like to read about next? Let us know over on Spectrum!