We’re excited to announce our public Live Embed Kit to keep teams in sync wherever they are. With this development, anyone can add Figma designs and prototypes that are always up to date to their website. It’s as simple as embedding an iframe. The Kit will also allow 3rd party developers to enable Figma Live Embeds in their own tools — just like Trello, JIRA and Dropbox Paper.

It’s as simple as embedding an iframe.

To insert a Figma design or prototype into any webpage, just click share in the top right corner of the file, select public embed and copy the iframe code. If you’re a developer and want to make it easier for your users to embed live Figma documents, follow the instructions here.

We’re really excited to see what the community builds with this. Here’s a few examples of where live, synchronized designs could be helpful:

  • Do you run an internal wiki for your company? Add Figma and people can post live designs to articles about projects or features.
  • Are you building a messaging app for teams? Connect Figma and your users can share the latest versions of designs in group chats.
  • Do you want to blog about a project you’re working on? Embed a live Figma file and your readers will always see the most recent version of your design.

Live Embed in action with Trello:

Since Figma is the only design tool that runs on the web, these embedded designs will stay up to date and synchronized with the Figma original. Whenever a designer makes a tiny padding tweak or changes an icon in the Figma file itself, they can rest easy without having to re-export or re-upload the design.

We hope integrations like these will keep teams in sync and save them the hassle of hunting through the annals of their email history, mountain of Slack chats, or folders of their file sharing services.

This is only the beginning of our platform efforts. We’re excited to harness the power of our web-based technology to help teams communicate and build better products faster. Up next — stay tuned for a Figma API that will allow developers to pull other types of information from Figma files and incorporate them into new workflows. If you’re interested in partnering, shoot us a line at

For more details on how to integrate Figma Live Embeds into your website or tool, check out our documentation.