Introducing Live Embed of Figma designs in Trello & Jira Software

Karl Jiang

The tech world lives in Atlassian project management tools like Trello and Jira Software. They’re the go-to places for teams to coordinate deadlines, plan tasks, share new information, and ship products at a much faster rate.

That’s why we’re so excited about today’s big news: You can now add Figma files as Live Embeds in Trello and Jira Software. Make any changes to your original design in Figma — tweak padding, try a new font color — and your embedded Figma design will automatically update in your Trello card or Jira ticket. No extra work from you required.

With Live Embed, everyone building a product will always know the state of the current design.

That’s right…gone are the days where designers have to spend hours hunting for the right project card so they can keep developers, product managers, marketers and other teammates in the loop. You stop exhaustively uploading design PNGs that went out of date as soon as you exported them.

“Software teams constantly struggle with knowing where to find the latest designs,” said Bryant Lee, Head of Product Partnerships and Integrations at Atlassian. “We’re excited to team up with Figma, and believe their live embed capability with Jira Software and Trello will streamline communication between designers and developers.”

This is just the beginning of the integrations we hope to power at Figma. Since we’re the only design tool that runs on the web, we have a unique opportunity to introduce Live Embeds to different workflows. As you may have seen, our Atlassian feature mirrors a similar capability we recently launched with Dropbox Paper. In the future, you’ll find us wherever designers and their teams need us.

To get started, just enable the Figma integration in Atlassian’s marketplace for Jira Software and paste the URL in the design section of a Jira ticket. In Trello, you can turn on Figma as a Power-Up for your team, and then you can add a Figma URL as a Trello card attachment. We have help content on the Jira embed process here and Trello embed here.

Let us know what you think of the new technology — we’d love to hear how Live Embed changes your workflow.