Looking to improve your Figma workflow? Check out our updated user forum

Josh Dunsterville

Design is not a black-and-white endeavor, and most workflows are context-dependent. How do you set up a design system? How should you handle developer handoff? What should your toolchain look like? These are all subjective questions that can’t really be answered from support articles.

Designers naturally turn to each other for answers. Time and time again, whether through an in-person meetup or via a conversation on Twitter, we’ve seen the community hash out these topics collectively. Different people weigh in with unique perspectives based on their own experiences and situations. The resulting dialogue then helps both the person asking the question and the community at large.

We want to make it easier for our users to connect and learn from each other in this way. That’s why we’re excited about today’s news: We’re relaunching our online forum with updated channels, a clearer set of guidelines, and community focused content like AMA’s, livestreams, and more!

New Channel Structure

The biggest change is the new channel structure in the forum. We've archived a few, renamed a couple, and added some new ones all with the goal of focusing conversations on specific areas of practice. For example, we now have a "Design Systems" channel, which gives people a place to chat about best practices, ask questions about how other teams set up their libraries in Figma, and share resources. The same goes for new channels like "Prototyping," "API and Extensions," and "Workflow and Process." 

We've also created a new channel called "Open Design." This is a space for our users to share what they're working on, get feedback, and even find other designers to help on projects. After all, one of the most powerful things about Figma is that it's based in the browser and supports collaboration. Let's take advantage of that ;).

Lastly, you'll find a new "Start Here" channel for all things related to the forum. This will include threads with information on the new channel structure, our guidelines, code of conduct, etc. 

What's happening to bug reports and feature requests?

Along with the channel restructure, we're moving bug reports and feature requests out of the forum and funneling them through our support platform. Our team can respond much more promptly when you reach out through our proper support channel. They'll be able to work with you on a 1-1 basis to diagnose the issues at hand. Plus you'll be able to share files, account info, etc. that you might not be able to share publicly. 

Our support team has processes in place for communicating bugs and feature requests to the proper people at Figma. They're able to tag conversations appropriately, and they meet on a weekly basis with our product and engineering teams to discuss priority. 

Ultimately we hope that these changes will make it easier for you to connect, learn and share with each other. Join the community conversation at