Cats of Figma

Figma is known as one of the most dog friendly companies, but this diverse team of tiny predators embeds with our Figmates to ensure we all remember that cats rule, dogs drool.


Aspen’s a loving, friendly and sometimes sassy tortie from Brooklyn. She’s not shy at all and loves meeting new people! When I first met her at the shelter, she was immediately affectionate and purring, and instantly became the new owner of the apartment as soon as she moved in. No need for hair stylists when Aspen’s around—she loves to help style your hair in the morning if you let her! Warning: may scream at you if she hasn’t eaten in the last 30 minutes.

Furry child of Josh Korn


Bella moved in with Sofia in 2012 and immediately took over the home. All food is at risk of her scavenging and any visiting human must give her endless pets and compliments to be allowed entry.

Landlord and manager of Sofia

Benson (a.k.a Benny, Bad Benny, Mercedes Benz, Ben 10, etc.)

Benson is a 2 year old cat that was living on the streets before being adopted in Brooklyn, NY! He loves cuddling with people, demanding food, sleeping on velvet couches, and mouse toys.

Living the soft life rent free with Ndunge Mulwa


Boo is handsome 3 year old who came home right before Halloween. He loves napping under the covers and meowing at forbidden doors.

Spoiled, noisy roommate of Laurel Woods


Will commit crimes for food.

Owner of Kelly Li


Calvin moved into Rudi’s retirement home at the tender old age of 14. He is both cuddly and chatty. While he also loves having guests and will go greet them at the door, he’s also a bit shy around them.

Owner of Rudi Chen

Coffee and Caramel

Coffee is a domestic medium hair and Caramel is a blue British short-hair. Coffee lived in Pennsylvania and moved to New York with me, stayed in 5 different apartments. Caramel joined the family recently and they both love chasing and biting each other (never lick). They both also love to have parties at late night (step and jump at me) when I’m asleep.

Dedicated Fur Cleaner Raina He

Eartha Kitt

She is a lovable little gargoyle who likes to stalk people and put her butt on pretty much everything, especially keyboards. She enjoys head rubs, will try and steal your warmth, and has a groutfit (grey outfit) wardrobe that rivals most instagram influencers.

Owner of Miggi


Ellie is a 3 year old fluffy cat, who loves to sit on human laps, chirp at hummingbirds, and attack bags of bread.

Furry child of Amy Qiu


Felix can usually be found sleeping, begging for food, sleeping, staring out the window, sleeping, and purring. His favorite place to sleep is in Amazon boxes.

Tricks Emily Lin into feeding him


Whether Fiałka (Фиалка) is named after a vintage Soviet cryptography machine is not entirely clear. She’s semiferal and afraid of pretty much anything that moves or is even thinking of moving…but she’s also very sweet and can get into an entertaining oral argument with nearby ravens.

Doesn’t contribute to Marcin Wichary’s rent payments


Frankie is a tiny calico of but seven pounds. She enjoys meeting people, yelling for no reason, and having her little paws and soft belly touched.

Often located on top of Peter Hayes


Hendrix is a black male who we adopted as a unwanted kitten from a neighbour back in 2011. He was born in the inner city of London, but it now living in the middle of the leafy English countryside, and slowly getting used to being around nature and not cars. We originally had two dogs who he grew up with, so he has a few canine tendencies and loves to be cuddled and stroked.

He has black whiskers, nose, and lips - and is very hard to photograph as a result. We adore him!


Honey is an sweet 17 year-old girl. She grew up in the burbs of Massachusetts where she was adopted, but now lives in San Francisco. She’s aggressively affectionate, loves people, and demands to be the only child.

Joaquin Phoenix

Very large, and very in-charge. JP’s routine includes bird watching, eating and subsequently purging his human’s plants, and spitefully scooting across an expensive rug. He demands to be carried around his home like a 16-pound baby, or else. (Send help.)

Sole Proprietor of Ryan Reid

Jupiter and Pluto

Jupiter is the long haired black cat and Pluto is the black & white cat.

Jupiter likes to sleep and stare at my until I let her jump on my lap. Pluto is a cyclops who never stops trying to play with literally anything until she passes out either on my desk or in her coffin cat tree.

Gremlin children of Mark Johnson


Leo is a 7 year old big fluffy boy. He’s super friendly and loves to chase ping pong balls around the house.

Lin Gan’s little buddy


Louisa is a chatty little girl with LOTS of opinions. When she’s not screaming for treats or staring out the window, Louisa can be found slow blinking in her basket and grooming her tail. She’s a spunky little weirdo, and her squeaky yawns are sure to put a smile on your face.

Louisa’s toxoplasmosis controls the brain of Penny Bailey


You might not think there’s room on your lap for her, but she’ll find some. This sassy snuggler loves to sleep on her humans, play hide and seek, and watch the neighborhood birds.

She’ll give you a quick tap when she needs you or will be sure to meow to get your attention. Always on a lap and as sweet as can be.

Will wake Ally when she wants more food.

Luna and Maisy

Luna is a kitten rescue, who has an insane amount of energy and a tail nearly bigger than her! Maisy is a 3 year old Nebelung who desperately wants to be an outdoor cat, if only her overbearing owner would let her. She likes chasing the rabbits and shrews that dare venture into her yard.

Owners of Alex Bettadapur

MJ and Thorn

Brother and sister rescued from the wild of Northern California, settling into city life in SF.

Owners of Trevor Steeves


Mochi is a native New Yorker and was adopted a few years ago from the ASPCA. He is aloof and easily frightened, but loves to cuddle once he warms up to you.

He adores hairbands and freeze dried chicken treats, and is known for screaming in the early AM for food he will just ignore until it’s been sitting out for way too long.

Freeloader living in Julia Sun’s household


Moo is a 16 year old feral turned indoor kitty. Her hobbies include sleeping, yelling and biting. She also enjoys empty boxes and playing with trash.

Furry soulmate of Erica Jones

Miu Miu

Found as a kitten on a hedge behind our garden wall, 9 year old Miu Miu is shy but sweet & a bit feisty. This hunter loves Cat Youtube, play time, & smelling newly bought groceries. Miu Miu likes to have dinner at the same time as the family, and expects treats when we make a cuppa. She will persistently & aggressively dive bomb us in bed if she wants more breakfast!

Furry child of Monica


Nancy is our latest addition, a white & grey female kitten born in early 2022 - who is running rings around her older “brother”. She eats absolutely everything - including salad and chocolate. She is tenacious and very sassy - and Hendrix is pretty unhappy about her arrival into our lives.


Pocky grew up with dogs so he has trouble identifying himself as a cat. Instead of cat-walking, Pocky prefers to hop around like a puppy. He still likes to hide inside boxes and paper bags though.

Owner of Jackie

Pop Tart

Pop Tart is super fluffy and extremely talkative.

Owner of Kenrick

Riri and Yuzu

RiRi is a black cat and the epitome of idgaf. Aluminum foil? Scrrratch. Sticky Tape? Chomp. Won’t take no for an answer, but will love you to the ends of the earth.

Yuzu is a needy, chatty tabby who screams at her neglectful pawrents when they leave the room. Her favorite activity is batting kibble around and chasing it, and cuddling her humans.

Controls the soul of Crystal Tong


A.k.a ‘Terror’. Don’t let her <6lb size fool you. Known for wreaking havoc at 2am, pulling down face masks to bite the strings off and for excessively grooming her brother (11 year old dog named DJ) until he walks away and gives her the bed.

Roommate of Jessica & DJ


Scoop is a handsome, New York ‘bad boy’ born on the streets and rescued by a lovely art lady. We met him at Koneko Cat Cafe. He is bold, scrappy and extremely food motivated. When he is not exploring boxes and attacking anything that moves - he can be found lounging in the sun, snoring and dreaming about dinner. Follow him on IG.

Best Bro of Shelley Zhao


Sesame is a 2 year old who loves exploring the outdoors, pets from her owners, and talking to anyone who will listen. She was 100% a contortionist in a past life, and her purrs are loud enough to wake the dead.

Revels in being David Yuan’s archnemesis.

Snowdrop & Bluebell

Snowy is a 2 year old seal point British shorthair who is scared of her own shadow & loves brushes and head pats.

Boos is 6 and a more traditional Blue British shorthair, who loves laps, strokes on her terms and fooooood. She is very temperamental and can love you and hate you within minutes.

They hate each other but will sit nicely for treats.

Landlords and owners of Zoey Williams

Suge Knight

Suge roams a 3 block radius in Alameda and has claimed my father in-law’s house/yard as his own. You can often see him hanging out with raccoons late at night and fooling small children into thinking he is sweet. The wood shop table is his throne.

Owner of Amanda Hooper


Suju talks a lot when he wants food and will sit on you until he gets it. He was a very shy cat but now he is the boss of the house.

Owner of Fifi