Students and faculty get Figma for free

Learn valuable skills in design, UX, content, marketing and engineering that can take students’ careers to the next level with a free Figma for Education plan.

Cursors creating icons togetherCursors creating icons together

Hit the ground running with FigJam and Figma

Creating an add to cartCreating an add to cart

Gain real-world experience

Students can improve their design skills and gain practical knowledge—from ideation to final product—by using industry-leading tools that the pros use.

Multiple sticky notes with voting and reactions in FigJamMultiple sticky notes with voting and reactions in FigJam

Build class camaraderie

Create icebreakers and brainstorms that help you organize group work, iterate on ideas, and—using features like sticky notes, images, videos, and voting—land on the best ones as a class.

Multiple cursors in one fileMultiple cursors in one file

Take the work out of group work

Figma and FigJam are web-based, which means you can search for, access, and collaborate on projects in real-time, from anywhere—all in one centralized space.

Creation of a portfolioCreation of a portfolio

Start building your future

From the brainstorm in FigJam to the final product in Figma, you can create wireframes, build prototypes, and curate a portfolio of work that will give you a strong advantage when applying for jobs.

Start using Figma with your class

Step 1Step 1
1. Create an account

Use your student email address to sign up for Figma here.

Step 2Step 2
2. Get verified

Once you’ve created your Figma account, verify that you are a student by clicking here.

Step 3Step 3
3. Set up your education team

Create, upgrade, or join an existing team to start collaborating and get access to all professional paid tools.

Get a running start with templates

Check out hundreds of ready-made templates for the classroom that cover everything from brainstorming and storyboarding to wireframing and prototyping.

Two powerful tools to get the most of your education

Planning the week with FigJamPlanning the week with FigJam
Explore ideas together

FigJam is a collaborative whiteboard space where possibilities turn into plans. Brainstorm and collaborate with other students on wireframes, presentations, and more to get to the best possible solution, faster.

Designing a mobile app in FigmaDesigning a mobile app in Figma
Bring ideas to life

Figma is a design tool used by professional designers that allows everyone to be in the same file at once. Brainstorm ideas in FigJam, then move work into Figma to create graphics, portfolios, prototypes, and more.

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