Handwriting font pairings

Older generations bemoan younger people not knowing how to write in cursive, but elegant and calligraphic handwriting fonts fill that gap.

Pacifico font pairing

Pacifico is an original and fun handwriting font created by prolific typographer Vernon Adams, who also created Nunito

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Permanent Marker font pairing

Permanent Marker was created to digitally recreate the look and feel of a beloved writing instrument.

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Gloria Hallelujah font pairing

Gloria Hallelujah is based on the handwriting of a Korean high school student. Its style is perfect for comic books.

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About Handwriting Fonts

Handwriting fonts bring a new artistry to fonts, as they are actually based on people’s individual handwriting. The essentially endless variations provide an opportunity for real individualization.

Cursive handwriting fonts

Cursive handwriting fonts are essentially the calligraphy of the digital age: handwriting fonts add a personalized touch to invitations, save-the-dates, or fliers sent by email or posted online.

Fun handwriting fonts

If you want to make a personal blog or website stand out from all the rest, you can incorporate a fun handwriting font into the headers: it grabs attention, and helps identify your brand at a glance.

Free handwriting fonts

Permanent Marker Font makes a great header for an online journal, Pacifico is ideal for a personalized email signature, and Gloria Hallelujah Font is perfect for use in an online comic or webzine.