Slab serif fonts

In typography, certain fonts will have a blunt and angular or rounded line at the end of a larger stroke: these are called slab serif fonts.
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slab serif font pairings
slab serif font pairing
Roboto Slab font pairing

Roboto Slab is part of the open source Roboto family, that features friendly and open curves.

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Roboto Slab serif pairing
Josefin Slab font pairing

Josefin Slab is an elegant geometric typeface with modern details. It has a sister family, Josefin Sans.

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slab font pairing
Zilla Slab font pairing

Zilla Slab is a contemporary slab serif and Mozilla's core typeface, used throughout their designs.

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Slab serif

When to use slab serif fonts

Slab serif fonts are varied in genre: more bold, heavy, and extreme slab serifs are perfect for grabbing attention on posters, while monospaced slab serifs are ideal for use in computer programming.

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Courier Slab Serif

Slab serif fonts were typically used in typewriters, most notably Courier typewriters. The Courier typeface by Howard “Bud” Kettler has been adapted into the ubiquitous font seen on most computers today.

Courier slab serif
Slab serif font

Typewriter typefaces

There are many subgroups of slab serif fonts, including Antique, Clarendon, Italienne, and Geometric models, and Typewriter typefaces. Typewriter slab serifs are named for their use in strike-on typewriting.

Free slab serif fonts

Slab serifs have incredible variety: Rokkitt draws inspiration from early slab serifs, Josefin Slab is a clean geometric Scandinavian style, and Roboto slab is mechanical with round, readable curves.

Free slab serif fonts