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Redesigning Finance

A transformation underway across financial services

Digital product design and experience quality has never been more important to customers, and to the business. In that regard, design is leading the way in reshaping an industry.

At Figma, we know how important democratization of design and accessible collaboration is to teams building great products. That's why we've created these industry-specific resources for you. Go on, dive in!

How Chime approaches design differently

Samantha Berg, Chime's Head of Design, and Andrew Hogan, Insights at Figma discuss how Chime creates positive creative tension across design, product and engineering, designs for Gen Z, and the role influence plays in design career progression. The two also cover an array of audience questions on topics ranging from AI to dark mode.

Watch the live recording!

What does Redesigning Finance mean?

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study on behalf of Figma, sourced perspectives and data from across the industry, and conducted conversations with experts. The prototype below contains what we found. We hope it helps you continue advancing design and digital product inside your own organization.

See how Figma can help you scale design

Great design has the potential to differentiate your product and brand. But nothing great is made alone. Figma brings product teams together in a fast and more inclusive design workflow.

Get in touch to learn more about how Figma can help companies scale design.

We’ll cover how Figma can help:

  • Bring every step of the design process—from ideation, to creation, to building designs—into one place
  • Accelerate design workflows with shared company-wide design systems
  • Foster inclusivity in the product team process with products that are web-based, accessible, and easy to use

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