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Figma | Guides & Best Practices
Guides & Best Practices
Best practices and guides to help you adopt Figma and build your design system.
Thomas Lowry | Guides & Best Practices
Components, styles, and shared library best practices
Shared components and style libraries are the cornerstone to producing consistent designs with ease—this guide will help get you up and running with a collection of tips and recommendations.
Thomas Lowry | Guides & Best Practices
Teams best practices in Figma Organization
This guide will help you optimize your teams in Figma Organization to achieve greater control over visibility, file organization, and user permissions.
André Mendes | Guides & Best Practices
Our first 6 months with Figma
From a multinational to a startup. Is Figma a good fit for your team?
David Luhr | Guides & Best Practices
How to Design Complex Components in Figma
Unlock the power of Figma's component features, including layouts grids, constraints, and instance swapping.
Tom Johnson | Guides & Best Practices
From Figma to Webflow: Turning your static designs into interactive websites
Keep the magic going by turning your designs into fully functional websites with Webflow
David Luhr | Guides & Best Practices
How to Design Flexible Button Components in Figma
Learn how to design flexible button components in Figma with internal layout and instance swapping, ready for use in a scalable, robust design system.
Robin Rendle | Guides & Best Practices
Nesting Components in Figma
Robin shares tips and tricks for working with components in Figma, picked up while building a UI Kit at Gusto
Charli Marie Prangley | Guides & Best Practices
How to convert a Figma design to Webflow
Tips and advice for a quick workflow moving from Figma to Webflow!
Charli Marie Prangley | Guides & Best Practices
Sketch vs Figma - Why I switched!
Charli Marie shares why she switched to Figma
Denis Rojčyk | Guides & Best Practices
How We Handle Design System with Figma
The mobile design team at travel booking site shares some of their work in Figma with the community.
Figma | Guides & Best Practices
A resource for learning, creating and evangelizing design systems.
Figma | Guides & Best Practices
Design Dictionary from Figma
Learn design-related jargon; whether you’re just getting started as a designer or you work alongside them, we hope you can use this glossary to master the basics.
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