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Best Practice Guides

A collection of deep-dive guides to help you make the most of Figma.

Components | Design Systems | Styles

Components, styles, and shared library best practices

Shared components and style libraries are the cornerstone to producing consistent designs with ease—this guide will help get you up and running.

Getting started | Workflow

Layout Grids in Figma

Learn all the ways to leverage the full power of layout grids, plus a few handy tips.

Development | Workflow

Guide to Developer Handoff: A collection of best practices from the experts

Learn from designers and developers at Dropbox, Expedia, and Cash App about how their teams approach the handoff process.

Design Systems | Components

Component architecture in Figma

Learn techniques to maximize modularity within your components, and in some cases, reduce the number of components required.

Getting started | Workflow

Groups vs. Frames

Not sure when to use a group or a frame when designing in Figma? This guide will help you learn the ins and outs of when to effectively use one over the other.

Organization | Getting started

Video: Migrating to Figma

Design teams from Workday, Dropbox, and Uber share their experiences, tips, and best practices for migrating to Figma.

Organization | Getting started

Getting started with teams in Figma Organization

This guide will help you optimize your teams in Figma Organization to achieve greater control over visibility, file organization, and user permissions.

Typography | Workflow

Typography systems in Figma

Create a solid foundation for typography in your design system using Figma functionality like text styles.

Getting started

What to expect when moving from Sketch to Figma

Understand the similarities and differences between Sketch and Figma for a smoother transition.

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