Besides Instagram, Pinterest is probably the most image-heavy of all social media platforms. As a result, many businesses (including retailers) and individuals (including bloggers) strive to post images that are eminently pinnable. Meanwhile, Pinterest itself makes their image requirements very straightforward, both for their users and for individuals and companies that hope to utilize Pinterest’s popularity to reach out to potential customers. Pinterest image size is about as intuitive as it gets.

Profile Photo

Because Pinterest doesn’t have cover photos or headers, the profile photo is the user’s primary opportunity to convey who they are. For businesses, a logo is usually used. For individuals like lifestyle bloggers or designers, a portrait or personal photo is typically the way to go. The standard Pinterest profile photo is 165 by 165 pixels (which, as in the case of YouTube profile pictures, will be cropped into a circle).


Pinterest has a portrait-oriented layout, meaning that vertical images with a 2:3 ratio are the best fit for the platform. While a Pinterest image size of 735 by 1102 pixels is considered ideal, there’s a lot of flexibility: Pinterest will display anything down to a width of 238 pixels with an appropriately scaled height, which allows for longer images to be posted and pinned.


Pins don’t just float around in the ether: they are categorized and organized on people’s boards, which come along with a board cover photo. Users can select a striking image in conjunction with specific and keyword-rich naming conventions to make their boards more appealing. The current Pinterest image size standard for board cover photos is 222 by 150 pixels.

In the constantly shifting world of social media image sizes, there is comfort to be found in Pinterest. Their straightforward and instinctual guidelines make them one of the most pleasurable social media platforms when it comes to creating and curating visual media.