If you’re of a certain age you may remember a time before streaming music, when the closest thing to free tunes were eight CDs for a penny from Columbia House. But much like social media has changed the marketing industry, streaming has changed the music industry. SoundCloud is at the intersection of both. It has enabled musicians to build a following by putting them directly on the radar of music consumers. And while music is the heartbeat of SoundCloud, knowing the intricacies of SoundCloud image size is also helpful.

Profile Picture

A SoundCloud profile picture helps an artist establish their identity. Many artists use portraits of themselves: some, however, will use a band logo or album art. That decision often comes down the kind of image the artist or band is trying to protect. The standard SoundCloud profile pic size of 1000 by 1000 pixels gives plenty of room for various options.

The SoundCloud banner size also offers some generous real estate at 2480 by 520 pixels, and gives artists further branding opportunities. The SoundCloud header size affords an opportunity for artists to post striking and strong visual imagery. Professional promotional photos are best, and they can be easily accommodated by the expanse provided by the SoundCloud cover art size.

While SoundCloud is decidedly more niche than most other social media sites, the principles that govern the use of social media imagery holds true there as well. Choosing impactful imagery that helps to establish and grow a brand is as important on SoundCloud as it is on any social media platform.