The social media landscape is always evolving. While platforms like Facebook are still undeniably popular, social media destinations tend to shift as younger generations get online. Twitch started out as one of the earliest platforms for streaming live videos. Now it boasts more than 100 million unique users, with an overwhelmingly large percentage in the coveted demographic of males aged 18 to 34. This makes it a very attractive platform for marketers, and for the more than 2 million broadcasters (also known as streamers) who use the platform to earn money from subscribers.


Twitch avatars are incredibly important for streamers. It’s what helps identify them to their followers (or prospective followers). Some streamers use photos of themselves, while others will opt for a logo or graphic with the name of their page (or channel). The ideal Twitch profile picture size is 800 by 800 pixels.

Twitch channels also have banners which function as a header or cover image. The optimal Twitch banner size for profiles is 1920 by 480 pixels. Cover images will, of course, be scaled differently depending on people’s browser windows which may cause stretching. Consequently. It’s best to focus on making images wide and positioning graphics and other aspects of design to the center or left to ensure that everyone can see important information.

Twitch banner size and Twitch avatar size actually hew pretty closely to the principles that govern other social media platforms. Even though Twitch may seem on the surface to be a new frontier compared to platforms like Facebook, it is easy to adapt the social media image principles that you already know as you explore this new