Who is able to create a branch?

Anyone who has editor access at the organization level will be able to create a branch. If an editor only has viewer access to a specific file, they can still create a branch from it but will not be able to merge changes.

Who can access branches?

Anyone who has access to the main branch has the ability to see other branches.

Can you create a branch of a branch?

You can create multiple branches off of the main file, but you can't make a branch of a branch.

What happens if there are changes to main while working in a branch?

Users in the branch will receive a notification (much like a library update) that there have been updates and they can update their file from main.

Can libraries be published from a branch?

It is not currently possible to publish from a branch.

Who can approve and merge changes from a branch?

Merging can only done by those who have editor access on the main file. Viewers who created a branch will need to reach out to an editor to have the branch reviewed and merged.

What happens to comments when a branch is merged and/or archived?

Open and resolved comments stay connected with the branch they were created in and will not merge into the main file. After a branch has merged and archived, you can open the branch to view any comments in it.