Completing a transit map

Shortly before Maker Week last year, our team at Figma heard about Courtney Garg Brousseau, a vocal transit advocate who had recently passed away. Courtney had been in the middle of a passion project: building a digital transit map of the San Francisco Bay Area in Figma, inspired by the New York City subway maps. After working with Courtney’s family, Figmates across teams sought to remix and build on Courtney’s work. Since we didn’t have access to the Figma file, a group of us set out to build the map from scratch.

With his family’s permission, we’re publishing the map as a Figma Community file. But, it’s incomplete! Since we only had a few images to base the map off of, there are still a few missing pieces. The Figma Community has always been about sharing and building on each other’s work, and we encourage you to share and build on Courtney’s work.

By publishing it as a Figma Community file, we’re hoping that anyone who’s passionate about public transit, maps, and design will be able to help us complete it. We encourage you to check out the file and comment on it.

To build on the map: 

  1. Check out the transit map.
  2. Click the Duplicate button. Figma will add a copy of this file to your drafts. Every file you duplicate from the Community will have (Community) at the end of the file name.
  3. Add to the map and build on Courtney’s work.
  4. Publish your contribution to the Figma Community.

You can learn more about Courtney’s life and legacy here, including ways to contribute to the nonprofits that he was so passionate about.