Hit it home with our action plan template

Bring your entire team together and build a project plan that covers all the bases. Map and meet milestones with collaborative action plan templates and diagrams for SWOT analysis, storyboarding, and more.

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Action plan template

Work with your team to establish objectives, set goalposts, and take the first steps with this interactive template.

A vision board for real-world wins

Manifest your long-term goals with clear objectives and timescales.

Huddle up: Bring in your best players to reflect on past losses and build consensus around project design.

Identify the holy grail: Clarify the project’s overarching objective to establish the desired outcome.

Establish a strategy: Identify who’s up to bat and set deadlines to prioritize team ownership and accountability.

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Perform better together

Your team is your best asset—don’t leave them on the bench. Brainstorm with collaborative whiteboards, build exhaustive analyses, and poll your team for feedback. Make your goals a reality with an effective action plan that accounts for all the little details.

Your starting lineup of strategic action plan templates

Pull off large-scale projects with ease and focus. Our Community templates provide you with resources to stay on track from ideation to delivery.


An action plan is simply an outline of what you need to get the job done. An effective action plan comes will all the trimmings—a well-defined goal, the resources you’ll need, step-by-step tasks, and defined measures of success to track employee output and productivity.

And they’re essential to project management.

With FigJam, you and your team can delegate tasks, diagram deliverables, and set deadlines all on one collaborative plan of action template.

To address the fundamentals of your project, an action plan should first define your project’s objective. Your objective must be measurable—perhaps you’re looking to increase followers by 100,000 or maybe you’re looking to launch an advertisement strategy under budget.

No matter your goal, try to keep it specific and achievable.

Once you’ve defined your project goal, establish tangible action steps that your team can take to get there. If you’re creating deliverables, define how to develop them and what they should look like once completed. And always set deadlines to keep your entire team on the same page—literally, with FigJam.

Think of your objective as the north star, and your action plan as the ship that will steer you home.

An action plan sets the framework for how you achieve a specific goal. And it defines step-by-step actions that your team can take to grow profit, engagement, or customer loyalty. With a fixed plan of action, you can take to the seas of enterprise with confidence.

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