Align ambitions with FigJam’s quarterly planning template

Set goals and agile planning objectives of a focus area at the start of each quarter to keep your team on track. FigJam’s agile quarterly planner template makes group strategy meetings absurdly simple. 

sixteen squares with colorful labels in a grid formatsixteen squares with colorful labels in a grid format

Quarterly planning template

Work together with your product manager or a team member on FigJam’s quarterly plan to set goals, create a quarterly roadmap, collaborate, and motivate one another in a dedicated digital space.

Make change with your team

Map out the months ahead with a streamlined, constructive, agile quarterly planning tool and buck the inefficiencies of quarters past.

Meet: Combine your quarterly planner template with video conferencing tools for big-room-planning-agile vibes without the crowded conference room.

Inform: Improve transparency and information sharing within your organization between multiple teams.

Identify: Locate related workstreams and dependencies, then plan for them accordingly.

Q1 section of a quarterly planQ1 section of a quarterly plan
four colorful boxes labels Q1 through Q4four colorful boxes labels Q1 through Q4

Plan a quarter, earn a mint

Reach new heights of success surrounding product management when you plan a scaled agile framework together on a shared template. Collaborate on ambitious objectives with Community-built widgets like Anonymous Thoughts, Emoji, and Alignment Scale, and keep it all easy on the eyes with intuitive design tools. Make strategic planning (and profiting) a pleasure with FigJam.

Cruise through each quarter with Community templates

Plan your upcoming quarter and prioritize next steps. Then, tackle each task with a dedicated template from the FigJam Community. Create action steps for each of the following through strategic planning:


It’s best to write your quarterly plan in collaboration with your entire team. That way every individual can speak to their needs, progress, and goals.

Start by titling your action plan with the name of the quarter (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) and the year, and flesh out the following sections:

  • Objectives
  • Team goals
  • Plans
  • Questions and notes

After your quarterly plan meeting, share the document team-wide and refer back to it as a guide throughout the quarter (FigJam’s shared quarterly planner template is perfectly suited to this task).

So you want to make your quarterly planning agile and effective. What should you cover to make the meeting a success?

Go over large objectives, smaller goals, and plans, as well as any other organizational topic that may be important for your organization (such as staffing changes and team assignments). Setting up short term goals, or even long term goals can also be part of the planning process. It’s a good idea to structure a quarterly planning meeting as a forum rather than a presentation to allow for collaboration and discussion between team members.

Set quarterly business goals by establishing a long-term goal and breaking it into actionable steps and milestones. What can you accomplish in the three-month duration of the next quarter?

Look back on data from past quarters to gain insight into where you’ve been and where you can go. Accounting for external and internal influences and building in space for flexibility, put your objectives down on a readily accessible document. You’ll want to bring everyone on board. After all, what good are quarterly goals if the whole team doesn’t share them?

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