Set the vibe company-wide with our brand guidelines template

Build the backbone that everything hinges on—from storyboards to social posts. With a simple brand guidelines template from FigJam, collaboration and creativity can shape your brand story.

plant logo example on brand guidelinesplant logo example on brand guidelines

Brand guidelines template

Start with one of our brand guideline examples, then work with your marketing team to tailor it to your brand voice and vision.

Staying on brand is always on-brand

From internal memos to press releases, strong brand guidelines help you present a cohesive story to anyone willing to listen.

Brand consistency is key: Establish a unified voice, image, and ethos to use in every situation.

Build brand recognition: Become a trusted household name by leaning into your defined values.

See where you fit in: Suss out where you stand by comparing your brand assets to sample brand guidelines or your competitors.

marked up revisions on a brand guidelines mockupmarked up revisions on a brand guidelines mockup
brand guidelines with logo and color examplesbrand guidelines with logo and color examples

Don’t keep the team on the sidelines when creating guidelines

Invite new perspectives with FigJam’s collaborative whiteboarding process. Use ready-made shapes and connectors to create beautiful brand elements from the get-go or easily fold-in updated designs from Figma. Then, chat about your document in your document with sticky notes, emotes, and cursor chats.

Guidelines lead to game plans

Develop a consistent branding philosophy and look book based on our brand identity example. Next, see how this consistent branding looks in various Community templates.


Brand guidelines are a consistent set of standards that communicate how your brand interacts with the world—visually, verbally, and on a values level, too.

But why are brand guidelines so important? With a clear set of strong brand guidelines, you can define the factors that make your organization unique and make sure that every decision is consistently in line with your philosophy

And while you’ll define your brand guidelines in the beginning, they’ll eventually come to define you. When done correctly, brand guidelines aren’t a box that stifles creativity—they’re a guiding light.

If you’re wondering how to design brand guidelines, begin by considering what you want to include. Choices vary by industry, but brand guideline examples usually include the following sections:

  • Brand values
  • Typography
  • Color scheme
  • Brand voice
  • Logo design usage

Once you’ve nailed the color scheme, typography, tone, and graphics that fit with your organization's values and vision, you can compile them within a set of guidelines designed to feel—you guessed it—fully on-brand.

To begin creating your brand guidelines, you only need two things: a group of collaborators and a whiteboard.

Of course, you could gather in front of a physical whiteboard. But on FigJam’s shared online whiteboards you can add, edit, and refine ideas with ease—from anywhere in the world. Integrate logos and designs from Figma, fold in charts and data, and empower your teams to apply this consistent branding to every document and diagram they’re iterating.

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