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Whether you’re pitching a passion project, business idea, or research proposal, FigJam helps you sell your idea quickly (so you’ll still have time to enjoy the elevator music).

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Elevator pitch template

Hold the door—incorporate everyone’s strongest selling points on our free interactive pitch templates.

Pitch a ride to the top

Write, refine, and share the perfect elevator pitch with your trusted collaborators before you press the button.

Put it down on paper: Deliver the most potent message possible by putting it in writing and editing relentlessly.

Practice until perfect: Memorize and practice your elevator pitch more easily when you have a written copy to reference.

Share it with the team: Create a standard elevator pitch anyone can use to align your messaging across the group.

elevator pitch diagram sections that have various titles including Target marketing, Opportunity, and Taskscapeelevator pitch diagram sections that have various titles including Target marketing, Opportunity, and Taskscape
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The sales pitch, elevated

You won’t be counting the seconds until you reach your floor when the folks you trust can pitch in on the perfect message. Throw out top ideas in our shared workspaces, provide specific feedback with Lil’ Notes, and make group edits a breeze with Simple Vote. Plan together, pitch together, and win together with FigJam.


To write an elevator pitch, start with a simple elevator speech template from FigJam, which includes all the essential categories of information you should cover and helps you distill your points to keep the talk short, sweet, and perfectly timed to an elevator ride.

That said, you might want to begin by riffing on your ideas and expanding your argument into a longer speech or set of notes. Once you have some material, gather your team and share your initial thoughts. See what’s making an impact and brainstorm ways to take that impact further.

Once you know what makes your offering or business idea unique, shorten your pitch until it’s about thirty seconds in length. Be sure that each section flows smoothly into the next so you don’t lose the attention of your audience.

Remember: the work isn’t done when the writing is finished. Practice your pitch with the group until you can deliver it confidently and consistently.

Elevator pitch templates often include the following four sections:

- Introduction – Tell your listener who you are and give a one-sentence summary of what you’ve created.

- Problem – Identify the problem and illustrate a need for your product.

- Proposed solution – Once you’ve established a gap, offer your solution. Specify what makes your product unique and fill in our pitch templates with factors differentiating you from competitors.

- Call to action – Leave your listener with concrete action steps to take in support of your project.

Before you fill in your pitching template, it may be helpful to glance at a few sample speeches. Here’s a quick example elevator pitch for a recent college grad reaching out to a prospective employer:

Hi there, I’m Lisa. I graduated summa cum laude from Academic University (Go Pencils!) with a double major in economics and viticulture. I noticed the book-keeping position just opened up at your vineyard, and, given my academic expertise and level-3 sommelier status, I think I’d make an excellent fit for the job. Do you have time to meet this week?

While this is a hyper-specific example, successful elevator pitch examples all tend to fall on the short-but-sweet side and include introductions, problems, solutions, and calls to action.

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