Say more with less, using an executive summary template

With an executive summary format template from FigJam, your daily standups or monthly email announcements become detailed—and digestible—briefing sessions.

report with various charts and an executive summaryreport with various charts and an executive summary

Executive summary template 

Build a high-level business executive summary from the ground up in an interactive, collaborative environment.

Make executive decisions

With executive summary templates, you can ensure everyone has the information they need to call the shots (without reading a behemoth bulletin).

Sum up any situation: Condense a complex business plan into an easy-to-read document.

Broadcast the bigger picture:  Give a bird’s eye view of a project or product and put the “see” in C-suite.

Lay out a game plan: Include your objectives, the stakes, and an intended course of action for your project proposal and plan—all in one place.

circle chart and bar chart with FigJam's collaborative toolscircle chart and bar chart with FigJam's collaborative tools
report infographic with speech bubble and sticky notes from FigJam's collaborative toolsreport infographic with speech bubble and sticky notes from FigJam's collaborative tools

There’s no “I” in summary

FigJam has the tools your team needs to prepare and present an effective executive summary as a unit. Use Community-built widgets including Scope todos, Timeline, and Table to engage everyone in the org—from designers on the drawing board to the board of executives.

Summarize to strategize

Keep every member of your organization, from a potential investor to a product designer up to date on any project—no matter the size. Tackle the next steps together with more templates from our Community.


Executive summaries are to-the-point documents that offer a high-level recap of the major points of a business plan. They’re often destined for higher-ups who may not have time to read through a lengthy document (hence the term executive).

So, when would you include an executive summary in a report? These docs are most useful for larger presentations or reviews—especially ones that require a sign-off from several different (and busy) departments. For example, if your new market analysis keynote is 80 pages, you can use an executive summary report template to communicate the gist of the report to everyone.

There’s a golden rule for executive summaries: the shorter, the better. So what is the executive summary example length, ideally? If you stick to a well-planned outline, you should be able to deliver your executive summary as a one-pager to drive the point home and keep the reader’s attention.

When your executive summary is concise, it’s easy to circulate in any format—as a PDF, on-screen in a meeting, or even in print. And, of course, it’ll be a breeze to read through.

Wondering how to write an executive summary template? In most cases, your summary should include the following important information:

  • The project name
  • A project overview
  • The problem your report addresses
  • The proposed solution
  • Any key findings
  • The path to success

If you’re looking to wow your boss, you may also want to add graphs, images, or links to other documents—in short, any detail that makes your executive summary easy to interpret.

To build an effortlessly engaging one-pager, try a project executive summary template from FigJam. With seamless integration of visualizations, timelines, and branded designs, you’ll be presenting the “how to write executive summary” masterclass in no time.

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