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Ensure your product takes off with our go to market strategy template

With go to market, user persona, and timeline templates, FigJam helps you understand your internal milestones and external market so you can prepare for a spectacular launch.

go to market diagram examplego to market diagram example

Go to market strategy template

Bring the entire group to the strategy room with our collaborative template and create the perfect marketing strategy presentation.

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Pack your trusty roadmap

Prepare for the wild ride to launch with all the market strategy, insights and business planning you need.

Create a master plan: Steer your product into the marketplace smoothly with a marketing strategy template that matches your overall vision.

Encourage productive collaboration: Ensure no effort goes to waste when your team adopts a common strategy and travels down a shared path to launch.

Sum up the details: Dive into the specifics of your target audience, marketing plan, sales and pricing strategy, and making new connections between departments.

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go to market diagram with sticky notes and FigJam's collaborative toolsgo to market diagram with sticky notes and FigJam's collaborative tools

Drive progress together

Collaborative FigJam templates make it easy for your team to journey together from hazy ideas to a stellar launch. With shared workspaces and Community-built widgets including Table, Storymapper, and Badge text, you can invite the whole team on board for an insight-packed trip.

Fuel your growth from planning to post-launch

Enjoy a smooth ride to launch with our go to market template. Uncover new possibilities at every stage of product development and beyond in an evolving marketplace.


Simply put, go to market strategies are plans for bringing a new product or service to the marketplace. If you’re planning for a product launch, you might use a go-to-market strategy template to refine your process—outlining your objectives, target market and customer, channels, marketing strategies, and more. By writing out your strategy, you can quickly communicate your plans with stakeholders and your team.

If you’re worried about how to write an effective gtm strategy, rest assured you don’t have to start from scratch. Just tap into an example go to market strategy (like our bulleted go to market strategy example), gather your team, and begin fleshing out sections that cover everything from marketing strategies including marketing channel, market research, and the target customer, all the way down to key metrics.

Make the sample go to market strategy your own by filling in your unique objectives, buyer persona, and selling points. With votes, polls, and chats, draw in feedback from every member of your team and every department involved in the launch. And remember, that there’s no need to follow any example of go to market strategy planning to the tee. Add in new categories that speak to your business—for example, potential challenges or key intermediaries.

“Go to market” clarifies how a business should reach its target market and differentiate itself from competitors during launch. A go to market strategy typically considers objectives, target users, market forces, and the key factors and metrics by which your team will measure their success.

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