Build your dreams from the ground up with FigJam’s mission, vision, values template

Establish your organization’s vision, mission, plans, and principles with FigJam’s vision pyramid template and build something truly monumental.

a triangle with four sections with labels in corresponding colorsa triangle with four sections with labels in corresponding colors

Mission, vision values template

Take your entire team on a tour through your core ethics and climb to new heights of success together.

Create a hierarchy of goals worth believing in

You care about what you do. Channel that passion into a mission vision strategy pyramid and meet all your organization’s highest hopes.

Specify: Nail down a specific goal to focus your efforts more efficiently.

Direct: Help your team members understand what they’re working towards and why.

Align: Communicate core truths to stakeholders on all sides of your organization.

questions marks on colorful rectangles pointing to levels on a trianglequestions marks on colorful rectangles pointing to levels on a triangle
four sections on a triangle labeled "vision", "mission", "strategic objectives", and "values"four sections on a triangle labeled "vision", "mission", "strategic objectives", and "values"

Shared visions lead to collaborative creations

Work together to create a vision for the future that aligns with your core values. Join your team on FigJam’s editable pyramid template and collaborate using intuitive design tools and fun, interactive widgets like Badge, Lil Notes, and Teams.

Start with a strong foundation

Use a vision and mission template to turn your ideas into concrete goals. Then achieve those goals with help from terrific tools developed by the FigJam Community.


A strategy vision pyramid is a visual planning tool used to define an organization’s values, objectives, mission, and vision. Teams of all kinds turn to vision mission templates to outline their beliefs and build a stronger business plan.

Teams create a vision mission strategy pyramids to clearly communicate their core tenets and develop short-term goals and long-term objectives that build upon them. This planning process establishes a path forward that everyone can feel excited to embark on, building camaraderie and zeroing in on your organization’s true purpose in the process.

FigJam’s vision pyramid mission template makes it simpler than ever to create your own vision pyramid (and reap the associated benefits, too).

A concrete document that outlines your organization’s vision and core values is an indispensable tool. Creating one can be difficult; however, it requires a lot of careful thought and plenty of perspectives.

The first step to writing a mission, vision, and values statement is gathering your team. Once you’re together, you can have a frank discussion about the ideals you hold individually and how they unite under the umbrella of your org.

Then, use a vision, mission, values template to organize your agreed-upon tenets. Once you have a foundation of core beliefs, you can move on to your overall vision—how can you translate those beliefs into a purpose?

Clarifying your vision will help you establish an actionable mission, which you can split into smaller, step-by-step goals. Once you’ve gotten everything down on (your digital) paper, you can share it across teams and return to it time and time again for inspiration.

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