Fine-tune your machine with our PI planning template

Sync tasks across multiple teams and stay connected on the planning process with FigJam’s PI planning agenda, agile roadmaps, and action plans.

PI planning boardPI planning board

PI planning template

Bring multiple teams together to tackle projects with gusto across the PI planning board.

Get every team’s gears turning—so turnaround is faster

Drive collaboration with project-tracking interfaces that align workflows and set long-term goals.

See things at face value: Work with familiar (and not-so-familiar) faces to develop a plan of action and team PI objectives that everyone can get excited about.

Hello, you. Meet demand: Assign tasks, set priorities, and track status to get projects off to a strong start and into the right lane.

Stay on track: Align teams with the Agile Release Train (ART) for cross-functional project building.

PI planner with FigJam's collaboration toolsPI planner with FigJam's collaboration tools
mouse cursors hovering over a PI planning boardmouse cursors hovering over a PI planning board

Teamwork, made simple

Join together on our PI planning tools to complete projects on time and on budget. With stamps, emotes, and high-fives, teams can provide feedback and real-time reactions to just about anything. Using widgets and tools, you’ll make exploring new ideas and sharing goals easy, fun, and fast.


PI planning, or program increment planning, invites every distributed team from across your company to collaborate on projects and set goals. Think of it as a dam—all workflow gets funneled through a PI planning session. This includes budget plans, project timelines, task assignments, and delivery dates.

The ultimate goal of PI planning is to open the lines of communication across multiple teams and create an Agile Release Train (ART) to share project visions and deliver projects efficiently. Connection, communication, and collaboration across the board? Definitely a work of ART.

When working within FigJam’s free PI planning template, you can design workflows on a task-by-task basis, assign duties to an individual team member, and prioritize each project by importance or urgency. Cross-team collaboration—and creative solutions—are just a click, cursor chat, or emote away.

Agile is a project management methodology that improves delivery timelines. And it relies on cross-team collaboration and self-organizing tools. Like its name would suggest, Agile is all about being flexible in the face of multiple projects and deadlines.

The ART is a group of teams that work together to plan, implement, and complete projects in tandem. With FigJam’s PI planning organizational tool, it’s easy to get the job done.

You’ll need a pre-PI planning event to orient cross-functional teams to project and delivery goals.

During a pre-PI planning event, you’ll work to align ART teams on the context of the project, as well as team capabilities, dependencies, and risks. You’ll also outline tasks, target milestones, and delivery dates. Once the project scope, or scopes, are understood, each team can kick things into high gear—PI planning roadmap in hand.

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