Outsmart the project grim reaper with a premortem template

Boost your project’s viability and come up with a preemptive solution for every outcome with collaborative, strategic FigJam diagrams.

four colorful rectangles in a grid layoutfour colorful rectangles in a grid layout

Premortem template

Identify obstacles and brainstorm solutions for an organized plan of action that anticipates answers before you need them.

Escape the project graveyard

Provide your project with essential preemptive care to boost its vitality and life expectancy. This template helps you cover all your bases with a prognosis for every potential outcome.

Look beyond the veil: Plan proactively by gathering important perspectives, often unexplored in a pre-launch risk analysis.

Gather for the wake: Make the whole team feel heard by respecting and responding to their concerns.

Disparage the dead: Give stakeholders an honest view of their beloved project to prevent dangerous overinvestment.

four colorful rectangles with star emojis and yellow sticky notesfour colorful rectangles with star emojis and yellow sticky notes
four rectangles overlapping on each other with a black arrow pointing at the smallest rectanglefour rectangles overlapping on each other with a black arrow pointing at the smallest rectangle

Who you gonna call? FigJam!

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Successful outcomes aren’t an illusion

Avoid a project headstone by conducting a thorough premortem analysis. Next, check out other FigJam templates so hauntingly helpful, they’ll keep you up at night.


The premortem technique is a strategic brainstorming tool that imagines your project’s failure and comes up with steps to prevent it. By confronting team members' fears or pitfalls head-on, you can prepare and eliminate them before they happen. Premortems are especially useful for a fresh perspective on your project to uncover previously unknown skeletons in the closet.

Start your project premortem by opening FigJam’s free interactive template and inviting your collaborators to join. Then follow these six key steps to create a premortem analysis the whole team can count on:

Prepare – Gather together to confirm your project’s mission and goals.

Identify problems – Brainstorm all the potential issues that could occur along the way.

Narrow them down – Focus on critical problems your team can control.

Brainstorm solutions – Individually ideate possible fixes to these problems.

Analyze – Share your thoughts with the whole team and choose which ones to pursue.

Plan next steps – Revisit your project plan and add in fail-safes uncovered by your premortem exercise.

Your premortem analysis helps the whole team prevent problems down the line. This invaluable strategic technique focuses on the possible negatives and comes up with actionable positives to mitigate failure. While worry isn’t always a helpful mindset, premortems bluntly address realistic concerns and establish a game plan to prevent them from actualizing.

A premortem exercise also usually involves all team members, making room for unique perspectives and conversations around anticipated obstacles. By the end of the meeting, you’ll have a plan to address every team member’s scenario with confidence.

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