Make a winning pitch with our project proposal example

Whether it’s a straightforward vision or a curveball idea, you can tee up to hit it out of the park with FigJam’s strategic planning templates.

stacked colorful squares on a violet backgroundstacked colorful squares on a violet background

Project proposal example

Assemble your team in the dugout and outline a project plan together with our project proposal template.

Count on more than ballpark figures

With big-picture plans and key details, our project proposal format example combines an ambitious vision with grounded specifics that convince stakeholders to commit to you.

Establish your raison d’être: Clarify the purpose and objectives to prove the value of your proposed project.

Set yourself apart (and above): List out the project’s core value propositions to differentiate it from competitor proposals.

Map out next steps: Turn an idea into reality when you detail a pathway for achieving every project goal.

diagram with sticky notes, doodles, and FigJam's collaboration toolsdiagram with sticky notes, doodles, and FigJam's collaboration tools
colorful rectangles with the words details, actions, and resourcescolorful rectangles with the words details, actions, and resources

Hats off to your team

Unite with teammates and gear up for a season of collaboration. Sum up key stats with Pie Charts and Bar Charts, share any idea with convenient cursor chats, and cheer on your team with creative stamps and emotes. Swing big—and hit a home run—on your next project proposal with FigJam templates.


Begin with FigJam’s simple project proposal template, which includes sections for project details, milestones, stakeholders, audience, budget, timeline, resources, risks, and more. As you fill out each pre-determined section, from project scope and success criteria to users and stakeholders, you’ll want to focus in on the following questions:

-What differentiates my proposed solution from the rest?

-What steps are included in solving the problem?

-Why should stakeholders invest in or pick my project?

A project proposal is a pitch detailing the project scope and details, and how you plan on executing it. An example of a project proposal may include a bid for a government contract or to produce a potentially viral ad campaign. A project proposal format example can range from creative content to complex software and applications.

If you’re wondering how to present an effective project proposal, trying adding visuals such as a pie chart or color coding to capture your audience’s interest, and focus on clarity and brevity to help illuminate your main project idea.

Start with this: what is the purpose of project proposal documents? Remember that you’ll be sharing your proposal with collaborators and stakeholders as a means of outperforming competitors. This means that your proposal document should communicate the most important information at a glance. A successful project proposal example may include:

Logistics: project name and owner

Big picture:project scope, purpose, and goal

Metrics: success criteria and important milestones

Action plan: tasksto achieve your goal

Key players: teams and departments involved, stakeholders, users

Implications: resources, constraints, and risks

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