Break down bold ideas with a quad chart template

Outline your next invention or idea along with its most important corresponding details to zoom toward your goals—equipped with four-wheel drive.

green, purple, blue and red rectangle shapes over a blue backgroundgreen, purple, blue and red rectangle shapes over a blue background

Quad chart template

Gather your entire team on a shared digital canvas to paint each quadrant with vivid colors and stunning visuals.

More than the sum of its parts

Gain a clearer picture of the whole when you separate your idea into its main parts, using a simplified quadrant diagram.

Identify: Break high-level information down into its component parts.

Ideate: Use FigJam’s intuitive design tools to dream up and display the perfect presentation.

Imagine: Sow the seeds of your next great idea in fertile soil.

colorful oval shapes with sticky notes overlayed on each shapecolorful oval shapes with sticky notes overlayed on each shape
four white squares with colorful rectangle shapes overlayed on top of each squarefour white squares with colorful rectangle shapes overlayed on top of each square

Find your four-part harmony

Generate a pitch-perfect idea with FigJam’s intuitive template, including integrated widgets like Simple Votes, Lil Notes, and Emotes. Work on a template with your whole team to communicate, diagram, design, offer feedback, and enjoy the process, all in one digital meeting space.

Tackle any terrain with FigJam

Set out on your ATV quad to find new angles to your current idea. Ride toward your final destination with Community-built templates from fellow enthusiasts.


Start by downloading FigJam’s quad chart example as your blank canvas. Gather your collaborators on this digital whiteboard to solicit input and insight from every relevant team member and stakeholder.

You’ll want to begin with a big-picture goal or purpose and a seed of an idea, which this 4-quadrant chart template can help you flesh out and eventually bring to fruition. Place your idea in one quadrant and use the other three quadrants to guide your thinking:

Capabilities: What features or functionality will help this product stand out, capture the hearts of the right people, and achieve your goal?

Stakeholders: Who are those “right people”? Who would connect with and enjoy using this potential invention?

Details: How can you ensure the success of this product? What needs to happen before you can realize your vision? What should other stakeholders and collaborators know?

A quad chart can include the product, capabilities, stakeholders, and details or you can choose to go off-script, creating your own unique titles that better align with your needs and objectives.

Some quad charts include space for desired results, measures of success, research analysis, purpose, and more—it’s up to you which four main areas you choose to focus on.

Quad charts are used across industries for all kinds of strategic planning purposes, from product development to story ideation. If you can think of four component categories to the challenge you’re facing, you can use a quad chart. Brainstorm, problem-solve, strategize, and simplify with a quadrant chart.

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