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Keep your project’s intent clear with FigJam’s quick reference guide template

Never lose sight of the purpose behind your project or the central tenets of its creation. Keep all that essential info at your team’s fingertips with FigJam’s quick guide template.

diagram with four blue rectangles in a griddiagram with four blue rectangles in a grid

Quick reference guide template

Establish your brand and design guidelines as a team and keep them easily accessible, all at the click of a button.

A cheat sheet that rules

Channel the energy of everyone’s favorite high-school teacher and give your people a handy cheat sheet for their work. Skip the guesswork and earn an A+ with FigJam’s reference guide examples.

Sum it up: Provide your team with a comprehensive summary in one online document.

Lay it out: Organize your project info in an easy-to-read visual format.

Keep it quick: Ditch endless scrolling and searching—set up a shortcut to essential info.

a diagram with four sections labeled "goal", "specifications", "standards", and "reference"a diagram with four sections labeled "goal", "specifications", "standards", and "reference"
a diagram with sections titled "Inspiration" and "Strategy"a diagram with sections titled "Inspiration" and "Strategy"

Don’t go mining for resources—make them on FigJam

Assemble your reference guide as a group, and keep this content available from anywhere, 24/7. With FigJam’s reference guide examples, collaborative widgets, and intuitive design tools, it’s never been simpler to craft the perfect one-pagers and share them—team to team, person to person.

Quick solutions, lasting success

Establish a fantastic source of information with FigJam’s quick reference guide. Then align your designs, projects, and initiatives on FigJam’s creative Community templates.


A quick reference guide is an easily accessible document that contains essential information about your project, from end objectives to design details.

Quick reference guide examples run the gamut and can be used for various purposes by various folks. It doesn’t matter whether these concise docs introduce new hires to brand guidelines, deliver product instructions for users, or brief designers on correct logo usage—quick reference guides always seek to distill and communicate information clearly so that whoever is reading it can understand the essential text ASAP.

Create a quick reference guide by meeting with your team. Together you can determine all the necessary info you’ll need on the road ahead without missing anything. Once you’ve decided on the content and other important elements you’d like to include, you can organize it into a one-page document.

FigJam’s quick start guide template lets you present your essential information in an immediately comprehensible visual format. Intuitive design tools and integrated widgets make creating your quick reference guide incredibly easy, while our open online platform keeps all that critical info available for anyone, from anywhere.

The best time to use a quick reference guide is whenever you need it. It’s a tool that your team will constantly use throughout the development process. Think of it as a map to consistency, creativity, and success.

The best time to create a quick reference guide is at the very start of any new project or venture. That way, you’ll have a guiding light every step of the way toward perfect project completion from the beginning—no matter how many new hands or perspectives enter the mix.

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